New Things

Sorry my updates are pretty sporadic lately. It seems I think about nothing but buying a house, do nothing but look up info on houses, school districts, crime rates, ect. I am getting tired of it and want the ball to start rolling! As requested, here's the link to some pictures of the house I am in love with. Ooh and ahh away.

We are going to go look at it again on Saturday. But we are also going to look at another one that day on the (dun dun dun to Kim who will be REALLY mad) South Hill (Kim was ecstatic that I was planning on going NORTH). It looks gorg. but I'm not getting my hopes up. Its a good $10,000 more than we can afford and already about $40,000 under priced, I doubt they will lower another 10! But Josh wants to go see it anyways and I dont mind.

In non-house news Josh has taught Zeke some new things. How to whistle and how to roll a ball!



Kait T said...
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Kait T said...

I love videos with Josh in them - he's so cute with Zeke. I love his baby voice. lol

Annali said...

I really like it! I like the unfinished basement and the unfinished-ish patio off the deck. There is so much potential in things like that. You guys can make it how YOU want it. And it was nice to see photos without the sellers crap in there! It's so hard to imagine your own things in it when it's cluttered with other things. We are house hunting too, except we are participating in the USDA Rural Development program, which means we have to buy outside of city limits. I'm really excited about that - we'd love to live a little out of the city, but still close, like Colbert or Chattaroy. Good luck!

Jennspiration said...

Nice house, I hope you guys find what you are looking for!

Anonymous said...

this seems silly. i havent cried over something so sweet in so long. you inspire me to be a better woman courtney, thank you.