Houses houses galore

Ok maybe not GALORE. I looked at 20 or so on the 'net. Have driven by....oh 8? Got it down to only 3 to actually walk thru today.

House number 1, while BEAUTIFUL and really well laid out was decided by Josh to be too small. Not too small for our present but too small for our future. And I had to grudgingly agree, even though I loved the place. Yes, it was big enough for the two of us and our ONE little blessing, probably even for a SECOND little blessing...but THREE or FOUR blessings in we'd be getting cramped.

House number 2...well lets just say that I am ready to make an offer for house number 2 RIGHT NOW. I was actually not all that excited about this house before we saw it. The pictures really didnt show it off well and the layout sounded awkward. But I am IN LOVE. It's the cutest little cape cod, circa 1947 I think. Full of charm. And one of my facvorite parts is the partially finished basement. Room to grow. Room we dont need right now, room we may NEVER need. But if we do end up needing it, well there is is. Just waiting to be finished. Josh wants to keep our eyes open...:( He loves it too but you know Josh, practical, not going to jump into anything quickly.

House number 3 was.... bright purple, a true violet. It was also pink in places, and bright red, and orange. And while I CAN paint and I probably WILL paint I dont want to have to paint the entire thing the day we move in. Plus it was really outdated as far as the appliances went and a good 15,000 over our "wish" price. Let's just say house number 3 didnt make the final circle.

This week we finish the paperwork for our loan, keep our eyes out for other houses, maybe walk thru #2 again, and pray for the strength not to nag our husband.... :) wish me luck.

Im praying for a lot of things, actually. I am praying ALL the time it seems. For my poor friend Kait and her family who have the worste flu of the century, for even poorer MckMama (a fav blogger) and her little Stellan in NICU with SVT(?), I'm praying for Josh and I and this momentus decision of buying a house. Praying, like I said, for patience and for submission, things I rarely have under a LOT less stress and when Josh and I's personalities are a LOT less at odds.

C.S. Lewis famously said that there are two types of people in this world. Those that say "Thy will be done" and those to whom God finally says "All right then, have it your way."

Submission is not a strong point for me. Not in my marriage and not in my walk with God. Sometimes I wonder if that is why the Lord made me a woman, and further than that a woman destined to be married. (Because I was LED to be married. It's another story but I was all signed up to be a missionary in Vietnam for 6 months when I decided to marry Josh instead. I learned at THAT time the difference between a GOOD thing and the RIGHT thing. Between something that is Godly and something that is God-directed.) But anyways I see my marriage sometimes as good practice in submission. Submiting to my husband so I can learn better to submit to the Lord.

I fail quite often.

But so far in this adventure I am doing really well. This next few weeks will be the roughest part. Because I have decided and Josh hasnt. And its waiting. Which I am bad at. But I will pray and so will you, right?


lizcooper said...

This post was awesome! I,too, am learning to submit to my husband (who is a newly saved christian). I also struggle submitting to the Lord and know that there have been many times I was NOT saying "Lord, thy will be done."

Annali said...

Okay, so, I think you need to provide pictures of the houses you looked at...that way we can all help you decide! :)

Equidae said...

I hear you me and submission are always at war and I try and sometimes win most times I loose..recently its getting better...maybe its my son who changed all this!

Stefany said...

Submission is not something I am good at. At all.