sick sick sick

I feel like the sickness in this house has been just endless this winter. Seriously. Between Josh and I, I'm pretty sure its been a cold/flu a month since October. Right now we are both out of commision with a rather awful cough. I am doing my usual routine of drowning my sickness in sugar.

Usually, I am one of the healthiest eaters around. Zeke and I's breakfasts are always one or a mixture of: unsweetened steel cut oats, origional-style unsweetened yogurt, fruit, whole wheat toast, scrambled eggs, or unsweetened cereals (he eats Cheerios and I do Kashi). See the pattern? I dont really do sweets. Even during the rest of the day we snack on and off on healthy foods: almonds, cheeses, fruits and veggies, whole wheat crackers, unsweetened peanut butter, hummus, ect. But for some reason when I am sick all that goes down the drain. An example? The last 2 days for breakfast Zeke and I have been eating: donuts.

I dont know why but for some reason when I am sick all I want is grease and sugar. Josh says all I want is grease and sugar all the time but its just that when I am sick my defenses are down and I give in. Maybe.

One way or another I am sick of beign sick. When will Spring begin!?!?!?!? Thankfully Zeke hasn't ever really caught anything bad. Knock on wood and thank the Lord for breastfeeding, right? Although I don't understand how I can be giving him antibodies that are keeping him from getting sick when it seems I apparently don't have good enough antibodies for myself...

But Zeke just keeps going and going like the little energizer bunny he is. Learning something new everyday. He just mastered the theory of "around", which may not seem like a big deal at first but if you've seen how frustrated he used to get trying to climb over toys and thru chairs you would be singing Hallelujah as well. He's also really mastering how to use a lot of his toys. He now pushes his train and cars all over the house, bangs on his drum with the drumsticks (oh joy), and knows to push buttons to make things happen. He will also pick up books and start to babble like he is reading them! Ezekiel hits 9 months on Wednesday and I just cant believe how much he has changed and learned.

I better go try to nap a little bit while he is still asleep. Wish me good health before our big trip to Boise on Thursday. And double wish that Zeke doesnt get sick!


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you feel better soon! It seems like there's an awful lot of sickness right now with everyone.

:) said...

I go through a bottle of honey when I am sick. And candybars. I hope you feel better soon!

Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery! And yes, thank God for never ceases to amaze me how my 3 little munchkins have always stayed so healthy compared to many of their peers...even AFTER starting playdates and preschool :)

Jennspiration said...

Here's hoping you feel better real quick! Hope to see you when you are in town.

Elise said...

Hi, there! This is Kevin Hooper's wife, Elise! I found you through Jenn's site.
I'm sorry you have been sick! It's so hard when you're the mama and you have to keep going. I'm hoping that you all are well by Thursday- wish we could come to Boise! :(
I'll be back!