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Zeke and I went to Mobius (a local children's museum) today. I've discovered its sort of the place to be on Friday mornings in Spokane. Seriously, everybody who is anybody in the baby and toddler world is at Mobius on Friday mornings. If my life was a Jane Austen novel (oh if my life was a Jane Austin novel!) then Mobius would be London...

Its sort of a fun place for me because I always run into about 100 people I know, because, you know, I know everybody with a baby in this city. And its fun for Zeke too, because he likes crawling around in their "under 3" section.

Today we showed up early so that Ezekiel could enjoy some time crawling around while the place was empty without worrying about his rather severe stranger anxiety, and then we stayed late so that I could chat with everyone once the place was really hopping and Zeke was passed out on my shoulder.

Anyways, here are some pics!


Kelli said...

How fun!!!

Kait T said...

Sorry we didn't make it! Looks like you had fun though :)

Betty said...

Looks like little one had lots of fun. :)

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