Hoorah done with chores! I told myself no posting until you are finished Courtney Clark!

This is the only thing I can say Hoorah to today however. Zeke got better at sleeping and then the last 2 days worse again. Compacted with this trend is the fact that Josh and I dont have nearly the patience of last week. So he ended up in our bed the last two nights at around 2 am. Such is life. Starting this week I am implementing Kait's advice and putting Zeke's naps more on a schedule. But I am also going to realize that Zeke is teething and has extra needs right now.

At least I think he's teething. His gums look and feel normal but he just whines and whines all day every day and knaws and knaws on everything he can get his hands on. His gripe water doesn't seem to help, but the teething tablets I gave him last night might have. Its hard to tell what helped when you've tried 100 things ya know? This is just not like him. Being so fussy all the time. So SOMETHING is up. I hope its not an ear infection or something like that but no fever so I feel stupid taking him in to Dr Morgan.

For the good part, however.

Do you think he realizes he is flirting with himself?

Baby in Daddy's hat. (It was early and his hat was sitting there from coming home from work the night before...what can I say?)

So Ezekiel has been getting cranky on his daily walks, twice I ended up letting him sit on the handle bars. (of course I was holding him!) Then I had the most obvious eureka moment ever. Instead of snapping his car seat on, why not let him sit like a big boy? Duh! Anyways, he loves it.

And this is Zeke right before I posted this. (Right now he's taking his late nap...in my arms because I'm too lazy to walk upstairs...hence slow typing) As you can see he's still not really big enough. But I think he likes his jeep, he was steering away. What a natural. Thanks G-ma Tammy and G-pa Keith!

PS. Yes I use the Bible for other purposes as well, its not just a foot stool to us. Its also a door stopper or paper weight. Just kidding! I really do read this to him I promise!

Aaaaand a video! Then Im finished one finger typing!

So many new things

First I just have to mention that I was just sitting here thinking, man I have a LOT to do today. Usually by Friday I have all my weekly chores finished but somehow this week I barely managed to finish half of them so far, and I am confident I wont finish the rest today. And I was wondering why. And then I realized this is my 3rd post this week... Hm maybe related?

In fact I distinctly remember a load of laundry waiting last post...and this post? Oh, there's vacuuming and sweeping and a cake to be made for the BBQ tomorrow. I suppose I just feel no drive to get anything productive done at naptime this week. I will blame the rain.

Anyways, Zeke is a completely different baby this week it seems. He started laughing, he started rolling over to his stomach (more on this later), most importantly he started grabbing things. I say most importantly because this is what has changed our lives the most. Nothing is safe any longer. Especially not my food. I don't know how many times I had to wipe his hand clean at Bangkok Thai on Wednesday. I dont want him sucking on that spicy stuff! Also I crocheted him a hat this week because it was so cold and while he has a beanie it is WAY too big for his tiny (comparatively) head. And it was harder then expected. Why you ask? Well because no matter how many toys I put in front of him all Zeke wanted was my crochet hook. He knew the best toy must be what mommy was playing with. Also his new favorite dinner game is knock his toys off his tray. This keeps him off my lap and therefor out of my food but of course, he gets very angry when there are no toys left. Oh the joys of this game. I will have many months of it to look forward to.

Now, to go back to the rolling onto his stomach thing. I HATE this. It freaks me out to find him on his tummy at night. He's not particularly good at it, it takes quite the effort, and a lot of times he only manages to turn 90 degrees. But the last 2 nights I've woken up to Zeke on his tummy in his crib. It does have a plus. He sleeps better this way. Last night I only got up 3 times, at 1 and then at 6 to feed and once between that because he was on his stomach and couldn't get onto his side like he was trying to. It was kind of funny, he was getting so mad. But I flipped him over and he went right out. And the night before that I only got up twice, both feedings. That's a huge improvement over the uncountable times its been lately, most of them for no reason at all. And I know this is directly related to the tummy sleeping. But I still hate it. I've heard a lot that as soon as they are doing it on their own SIDS is no longer an issue, but he cant always get off his tummy (like last night) so I dont actually think he's ready. Oh well, there's not much I can do about it. Except reap the benefits I suppose. Though Im not holding my breath. He's had these good days before only to wake up 300 times the next night.

Oh yeah, one last piece of info. I weighed him yesterday because I was curious. 17 pounds. 3 and a half months and he's 17 pounds! He outgrows his car seat at 22...I wonder how much longer we will last? I'm not sure what to do however. I cant find any convertible car seats that rear face for over 35 pounds. Which he just might hit at this rate before he turns 1, which is the earliest I can legally forward face him. Maybe he will stop growing?

Pictures!Playing with his froggy. Dont tell Zebra but he's fallen out of favor a bit this week. You see, Zebra does not make that lovely crinkle sound. My son is a bit fickle it seems.

All ready for the cold weather in his new hat. White, Josh and I decided, is a bit girly but its the only color I had on hand. Maybe I'll buy some new yarn this weekend.

Ezekiel's new jumperoo! I bought it at the consignment sale earlier today and Zeke loves it already. He doesnt quite jump yet but he kicks a little bit. Mostly he just enjoys the standing I think. He's still about an inch shy for his jeep, but I bet when he's tall enough he loves that too!

And lastly a video of some giggles.

PS I was scrapbooking (so close to catching up on the baby book by the by) and talking to myself when I realized that even when alone I now refer to myself in the 3rd person as "mommy". I might talk to Ezekiel too much. Although it is a good excuse to constantly talk...


Thanks everyone for the advice and the empathy! It helps to know my baby is not the only one with night issues. I will borrow that book from you, Kim for sure. I've heard good things about it before. And I've thought maybe we were starting the teething process because of some daytime behaviors, so you are right, it could be affecting his nights as well.

And I will also think about making his naps a bit more scheduled Kait. So far I have been pretty much letting him do his own thing and that might be part of the problem as well. Though I'm not really sure about that. He goes to bed at the same time (give or take half an hour) almost every night, and with very little fighting most nights. And he wakes up (give or take a half hour) at the same time too. We are 8-8 around here almost like clockwork. And when he wakes up at night its not a long process to get him back down. A bink back in the mouth, a pat on the back, or a short feeding. He's not really getting up to play, just to be comforted and told he's not alone.

I am going to do what I can but mostly I'll adopt Amber's attitude. This too SHALL pass. Its just part of the process of raising a baby and you have to take the good with the bad. Its not even the worst part of raising a baby really. I think Amber's got it worse with potty training ;)

Anyways, pictures!

This is the laundry pile that I am currently avoiding. Yay for using nap time for the internet! Seriously, however, how does a child that small make SO MUCH LAUNDRY? He makes as much if not more laundry then I do and my clothes are much bigger.

An exciting development of last night. Zeke was playing with this toy before bed! He was reaching and grabbing it and he's never done that before! Josh and I were very impressed.

Zeke sits in his chair every morning while I shower now. Its so nice, I can shower every day now, AND in the morning! Anyways... I forgot to buckle him in and this is what I came out of the shower to.

This is just DANG CUTE. My son the ladies man in a sweater vest.

And here is a video. Josh thinks Zeke will be crawling any day now. I think its more like any month now. Before Christmas but after Halloween for sure. That does not stop us from daily torturing him.

Soooo tired

I am sooooo tired. Seriously.

So I was so very excited a few posts back. Zeke had slept 2 nights in his crib with barely a feeding or waking. Yipee I said, my baby is sleep trained and I didn't even do anything.

HAHAHAHAHA. <-- sleep deprived insane laughter.

That was for only two nights. I have been so happy since then to get even 2 hours of sleep. A 2 hour stretch is an achievement you wouldn't believe. So your son is president huh? Well mine slept 2 hours!! HAHAHAHHAHA. (I need to stop that...)

Last night it went a little something like this. Feeding at 8, put to bed, wakes up and cries till I feed again at 9, again at 10, again at 11. Then he slept till 2:30. I was so happy I almost cried. Then Josh took over (ok I admit it, I was actually crying). He said he got up 4 times until 5:30 when Zeke wouldn't settle for him until he was taken to me and fed. Then we gave up and put him in our bed, because we do so in the mornings anyways and 5:30 can count as morning if I say so.

As you can see there are 2 problems here. A. My son has decided my only function in this world is his meal ticket. Seriously, I know he's not hungry again but as soon as he sees me all of a sudden he wants to eat and wont calm down until he has. This is only at night, I should mention. During the day he regularly goes 3, 4, even 5 hours between feedings. I have a difficult time sometimes even getting him to eat because he wants to play again as soon as he has even partly filled up. And maybe that is part of the problem too, I dont know, all I know is at night he cries and cries until I feed him, every time he wakes up. As you can see, if Josh gets up a pat on the back and a binky is enough. Josh doesn't lactate and Zeke knows this. Now B. is the more basic problem of the fact that he wakes up and wakes up and wakes up. He wont self sooth at all. I dont get it. He naps great, always has, always alone.

I know Annali is dealing with the same thing with her Henry. I know billions of mothers are dealing with the same thing. But I am personally at a loss. I don't want to sleep with him anymore in our room. He is beginning to outgrow his Moses basket and I don't want to bring his crib into our room. I just don't want to go there. I know he's capable of self soothing. Like I said, he does it at nap time, he did it 2 nights a few weeks ago.

I also don't want to "cry it out". I am personally not capable of this, nor do I really even want to be, even though I know a lot of great mothers that have done it with success. Isn't there some reasonable middle ground?

Yes, you say. And it involves getting up in the middle of the night. A lot.

All I can say is he better dang appreciate this when he is older....

PS I have pictures. And a video. And I will post both later today :)

belly laughs!

I HAVE to let everyone know that Ezekiel just laughed for the first time!!!! I mean, he has "laughed" before but this was the first good belly laugh. Before it was really just giggling. I was tickling him, which has only gotten smiles before when he suddenly cracked up!

I am really happy because only earlier today I was a little downhearted in yoga because everyone was talking about how much their babies babbled (even babies littler than Zeke) and Zeke really only coos. He doesn't have any consonants yet. Plus it was just mentioned to me that he doesn't "talk" or bat at things at all when he should be at this age. I guess my son is a bit of a brute, he just sits and frowns all day. I like to think that he's just concentrating :)

Also last night he rolled over from his back to his tummy. He actually did this earlier this week in the middle of the night in his crib, imagine my panic when I woke up and he was on his tummy exactly how he's NOT supposed to be!!! But last night he did it again right in front of Josh. I hope it doesn't become habit though, I'm freaking obsessed with SIDS and most cases are in the 3rd month.

I've gotten lazy about pictures. I only took like 8 or something all of his 2nd month and havent taken any this week since he turned 3 months!!! I need to get on that. But here is one that Kelly was nice enough to take. Its Zeke and his friend Jaeden checking each other out.

I will try to take more pictures next week. And I will also try to get Josh to help me catch Zeke laughing on video.

Sleeping alone.

So Zeke sleeps alone now. In his own room. It was easier than I thought it would be. Ok, let me actually restate that. The first 2 nights it was much much much harder than I thought it would be. I was calming him down every 20 minutes or so, he just wouldn't settle down into a deep sleep, and I was ending up sleeping on the floor in his room. I almost gave up the idea entirely, and thought I'd have to let him sleep in our room for another few months, even though he is outgrowing his moses basket. I just don't believe in the whole cry-it-out thing. Its not worth that to me.

But then an idea struck me. The radio.

The last two nights with the radio on he has slept through the night, with one feeding at about 2 of course but he fed once in our room too so that's no different. Yipee!! Hopefully it continues this well. I don't know why the radio works but it does and I soo sooo dont care if he has it on. We still let him move to our bed at 5 or 6 in the morning when he wakes up for his morning feeding so that I can get my cuddles, and also a few more hours sleep. But other than that he is sleep-trained. Until teething, that is...

In other news, and even non-baby news (kind of) I got my new tattoo last week. It is almost healed now and completely pain free. It says Ezekiel in Hebrew and its on my wrist. Josh and I also went to Silverwood on Saturday with his company (the baby was a real trooper and never cried once all day). then on Sunday we had Risk night at our house. I played half the game and then Erik took over for me while I made dinner for everyone and put the baby to sleep. Erik and I won, of course, and in less than 5 hours which is quick for 6 player Risk. World domination is my specialty. So its been a pretty fun week, life is good when you are no longer sick ;)

Soon now we will start on Zeke's toyshelves. Josh and I are making them together. I have them all designed, the next step is to buy and cut the wood. Even though they are Zeke's Christmas present we want them finished before it gets too cold for the paint to set, also I want his room finished and a place to put toys. He doesn't know when Christmas is anyways right? I'm pretty excited. We haven't built anything together since our bedside tables. And that was a long time ago...over a year I bet.

Anyways, here are some pics quick before the baby wakes up from his nap, also a tour of his room so far.

Zeke and his best buddy Zebra on their new tummy mat. Thanks grandma Mel, we love it!!

Taking a nap in his crib.

His toyshelf will go right here :)

His bookshelf will go here!

The name sign auntie Jen made him!! Thanks Jen!! We are basing the shelf colors on this we love it so much!

The paintings I did for Z while I was prego.

oops, baby's awake!

the plague

Sorry its been a while since my last post. And sorry that this one wont have any pictures. But we have had the plague. That is right...the PLAGUE.

As soon as we got back from Boise Josh got sick. Really really sick. Then I got sick, but not too bad. Then Zeke got sick but also not too bad. Then Josh got better mostly (his throat still hurts now). Then I got WAY WAY worse. Then I started to pick up a little. So we are hoping Zeke doesnt get way worse now. I dont know. All he does is sleep, and fitfully at that. So between taking care of my husband and taking care of my baby and trying not to DIE myself, I haven't had the time to post.

And yeah, my whole plan of moving him into his own room when we got back from Boise? Toast. He's been in our bed pretty much constant since he got home...day and night honestly. The best laid plans of mice and men, huh? Instead of one giant leap forward we take a step back. Oh well, sick babies need the comfort and sick mommas do what they have to in order to survive.

We've had some firsts though. I clipped Zeke's finger for the first time. His poor little thumb. He didnt seem to notice but I am still filled with guilt. And Zeke squealed for the first time. It was at the sight of his zebra. That stupid Zebra got his first smile and his first squeal now. Seriously, it will be his first word and I will cry. Oh and Ezekiel's first runny nose with this sickness. Also daddy's first day in charge because he stayed home from work on my worste day and took care of the baby for me so I could get some rest. He only brought him to me when he was hungry, and on top of that made me soup and brought me meds every 4 hours. He even slept on my side of the bed so he'd be next to Zeke's bed if he needed anything. Which of course he did. I think he stayed in his bed until 3 that night, which was longer then I had ever lasted with him last week.

Next week I'll post some pictures. I promise.