Hoorah done with chores! I told myself no posting until you are finished Courtney Clark!

This is the only thing I can say Hoorah to today however. Zeke got better at sleeping and then the last 2 days worse again. Compacted with this trend is the fact that Josh and I dont have nearly the patience of last week. So he ended up in our bed the last two nights at around 2 am. Such is life. Starting this week I am implementing Kait's advice and putting Zeke's naps more on a schedule. But I am also going to realize that Zeke is teething and has extra needs right now.

At least I think he's teething. His gums look and feel normal but he just whines and whines all day every day and knaws and knaws on everything he can get his hands on. His gripe water doesn't seem to help, but the teething tablets I gave him last night might have. Its hard to tell what helped when you've tried 100 things ya know? This is just not like him. Being so fussy all the time. So SOMETHING is up. I hope its not an ear infection or something like that but no fever so I feel stupid taking him in to Dr Morgan.

For the good part, however.

Do you think he realizes he is flirting with himself?

Baby in Daddy's hat. (It was early and his hat was sitting there from coming home from work the night before...what can I say?)

So Ezekiel has been getting cranky on his daily walks, twice I ended up letting him sit on the handle bars. (of course I was holding him!) Then I had the most obvious eureka moment ever. Instead of snapping his car seat on, why not let him sit like a big boy? Duh! Anyways, he loves it.

And this is Zeke right before I posted this. (Right now he's taking his late nap...in my arms because I'm too lazy to walk upstairs...hence slow typing) As you can see he's still not really big enough. But I think he likes his jeep, he was steering away. What a natural. Thanks G-ma Tammy and G-pa Keith!

PS. Yes I use the Bible for other purposes as well, its not just a foot stool to us. Its also a door stopper or paper weight. Just kidding! I really do read this to him I promise!

Aaaaand a video! Then Im finished one finger typing!


Kait Toompas said...

Ah sweet baby entertainment! He's getting so big and mature! :) I call my pediatrician ALL the time for everything. If Sam is being extra naughty, if Joe is hitting suddenly, if Molly isn't progressing the way I think she should... because he's not only well versed on children's medical issues; but because pediatricians are used to parents not knowing and most are okay with you calling a billion times. I still talk to dr. Piston 2-4 times a month about Sam and Joe... he's on my "help Sam find a better preschool" commitee - and they give great advice! Plus there's always pea e of mind...

Anonymous said...

Oh Courtney I cant believe he is getting so big! I love the video's. Especially the giggling! So much fun! And the pictures are so great. Think I'm going to blow up the smiling one in the stroller. Such a big boy! Cant wait to see him. He looks pretty cool in his Jeep! Grandma Tammy