So many new things

First I just have to mention that I was just sitting here thinking, man I have a LOT to do today. Usually by Friday I have all my weekly chores finished but somehow this week I barely managed to finish half of them so far, and I am confident I wont finish the rest today. And I was wondering why. And then I realized this is my 3rd post this week... Hm maybe related?

In fact I distinctly remember a load of laundry waiting last post...and this post? Oh, there's vacuuming and sweeping and a cake to be made for the BBQ tomorrow. I suppose I just feel no drive to get anything productive done at naptime this week. I will blame the rain.

Anyways, Zeke is a completely different baby this week it seems. He started laughing, he started rolling over to his stomach (more on this later), most importantly he started grabbing things. I say most importantly because this is what has changed our lives the most. Nothing is safe any longer. Especially not my food. I don't know how many times I had to wipe his hand clean at Bangkok Thai on Wednesday. I dont want him sucking on that spicy stuff! Also I crocheted him a hat this week because it was so cold and while he has a beanie it is WAY too big for his tiny (comparatively) head. And it was harder then expected. Why you ask? Well because no matter how many toys I put in front of him all Zeke wanted was my crochet hook. He knew the best toy must be what mommy was playing with. Also his new favorite dinner game is knock his toys off his tray. This keeps him off my lap and therefor out of my food but of course, he gets very angry when there are no toys left. Oh the joys of this game. I will have many months of it to look forward to.

Now, to go back to the rolling onto his stomach thing. I HATE this. It freaks me out to find him on his tummy at night. He's not particularly good at it, it takes quite the effort, and a lot of times he only manages to turn 90 degrees. But the last 2 nights I've woken up to Zeke on his tummy in his crib. It does have a plus. He sleeps better this way. Last night I only got up 3 times, at 1 and then at 6 to feed and once between that because he was on his stomach and couldn't get onto his side like he was trying to. It was kind of funny, he was getting so mad. But I flipped him over and he went right out. And the night before that I only got up twice, both feedings. That's a huge improvement over the uncountable times its been lately, most of them for no reason at all. And I know this is directly related to the tummy sleeping. But I still hate it. I've heard a lot that as soon as they are doing it on their own SIDS is no longer an issue, but he cant always get off his tummy (like last night) so I dont actually think he's ready. Oh well, there's not much I can do about it. Except reap the benefits I suppose. Though Im not holding my breath. He's had these good days before only to wake up 300 times the next night.

Oh yeah, one last piece of info. I weighed him yesterday because I was curious. 17 pounds. 3 and a half months and he's 17 pounds! He outgrows his car seat at 22...I wonder how much longer we will last? I'm not sure what to do however. I cant find any convertible car seats that rear face for over 35 pounds. Which he just might hit at this rate before he turns 1, which is the earliest I can legally forward face him. Maybe he will stop growing?

Pictures!Playing with his froggy. Dont tell Zebra but he's fallen out of favor a bit this week. You see, Zebra does not make that lovely crinkle sound. My son is a bit fickle it seems.

All ready for the cold weather in his new hat. White, Josh and I decided, is a bit girly but its the only color I had on hand. Maybe I'll buy some new yarn this weekend.

Ezekiel's new jumperoo! I bought it at the consignment sale earlier today and Zeke loves it already. He doesnt quite jump yet but he kicks a little bit. Mostly he just enjoys the standing I think. He's still about an inch shy for his jeep, but I bet when he's tall enough he loves that too!

And lastly a video of some giggles.

PS I was scrapbooking (so close to catching up on the baby book by the by) and talking to myself when I realized that even when alone I now refer to myself in the 3rd person as "mommy". I might talk to Ezekiel too much. Although it is a good excuse to constantly talk...


Kait Toompas said...

I loved your post. So full of useful information. How does weekly chores work for you? I once decided to go a week without doing dishes which didn't turn out well and then later decided to go a week without doing laundry. I now only clean the toilet once a week which by Friday seems extreme. Mostly I've given up on weekly chores.
Zeke is so adorable and I'm going to hire you to make Molly a hat because she has an insanely LARGE head.

The Butterfields said...

Britax convertible carseats go up to 65 pounds. They're crazy expensive (like $260), but they can use them forever and they're really really comfy for big babies- Harry outgrew his infant one at 4 months, and Ems at 6 months, so I hear your pain!! They have them at Target and Babies R Us, but sometimes Amazon has a good deal plus free shipping.
Zeke is SO cute!!