Sleeping alone.

So Zeke sleeps alone now. In his own room. It was easier than I thought it would be. Ok, let me actually restate that. The first 2 nights it was much much much harder than I thought it would be. I was calming him down every 20 minutes or so, he just wouldn't settle down into a deep sleep, and I was ending up sleeping on the floor in his room. I almost gave up the idea entirely, and thought I'd have to let him sleep in our room for another few months, even though he is outgrowing his moses basket. I just don't believe in the whole cry-it-out thing. Its not worth that to me.

But then an idea struck me. The radio.

The last two nights with the radio on he has slept through the night, with one feeding at about 2 of course but he fed once in our room too so that's no different. Yipee!! Hopefully it continues this well. I don't know why the radio works but it does and I soo sooo dont care if he has it on. We still let him move to our bed at 5 or 6 in the morning when he wakes up for his morning feeding so that I can get my cuddles, and also a few more hours sleep. But other than that he is sleep-trained. Until teething, that is...

In other news, and even non-baby news (kind of) I got my new tattoo last week. It is almost healed now and completely pain free. It says Ezekiel in Hebrew and its on my wrist. Josh and I also went to Silverwood on Saturday with his company (the baby was a real trooper and never cried once all day). then on Sunday we had Risk night at our house. I played half the game and then Erik took over for me while I made dinner for everyone and put the baby to sleep. Erik and I won, of course, and in less than 5 hours which is quick for 6 player Risk. World domination is my specialty. So its been a pretty fun week, life is good when you are no longer sick ;)

Soon now we will start on Zeke's toyshelves. Josh and I are making them together. I have them all designed, the next step is to buy and cut the wood. Even though they are Zeke's Christmas present we want them finished before it gets too cold for the paint to set, also I want his room finished and a place to put toys. He doesn't know when Christmas is anyways right? I'm pretty excited. We haven't built anything together since our bedside tables. And that was a long time ago...over a year I bet.

Anyways, here are some pics quick before the baby wakes up from his nap, also a tour of his room so far.

Zeke and his best buddy Zebra on their new tummy mat. Thanks grandma Mel, we love it!!

Taking a nap in his crib.

His toyshelf will go right here :)

His bookshelf will go here!

The name sign auntie Jen made him!! Thanks Jen!! We are basing the shelf colors on this we love it so much!

The paintings I did for Z while I was prego.

oops, baby's awake!


Jennspiration said...

He's getting to be such a big boy! I remember the days of falling asleep on the floor of the kids' rooms. You do what you've gotta're such a good mommy!

I love his room, and can't wait to see the shelves!

Sheena said...

Ellis had the same zebra mat and loved it too. also, the car for riding in, Sly had one of those. They sure go around. Z was awfully cute as a "baby!" He still is.