Thanks everyone for the advice and the empathy! It helps to know my baby is not the only one with night issues. I will borrow that book from you, Kim for sure. I've heard good things about it before. And I've thought maybe we were starting the teething process because of some daytime behaviors, so you are right, it could be affecting his nights as well.

And I will also think about making his naps a bit more scheduled Kait. So far I have been pretty much letting him do his own thing and that might be part of the problem as well. Though I'm not really sure about that. He goes to bed at the same time (give or take half an hour) almost every night, and with very little fighting most nights. And he wakes up (give or take a half hour) at the same time too. We are 8-8 around here almost like clockwork. And when he wakes up at night its not a long process to get him back down. A bink back in the mouth, a pat on the back, or a short feeding. He's not really getting up to play, just to be comforted and told he's not alone.

I am going to do what I can but mostly I'll adopt Amber's attitude. This too SHALL pass. Its just part of the process of raising a baby and you have to take the good with the bad. Its not even the worst part of raising a baby really. I think Amber's got it worse with potty training ;)

Anyways, pictures!

This is the laundry pile that I am currently avoiding. Yay for using nap time for the internet! Seriously, however, how does a child that small make SO MUCH LAUNDRY? He makes as much if not more laundry then I do and my clothes are much bigger.

An exciting development of last night. Zeke was playing with this toy before bed! He was reaching and grabbing it and he's never done that before! Josh and I were very impressed.

Zeke sits in his chair every morning while I shower now. Its so nice, I can shower every day now, AND in the morning! Anyways... I forgot to buckle him in and this is what I came out of the shower to.

This is just DANG CUTE. My son the ladies man in a sweater vest.

And here is a video. Josh thinks Zeke will be crawling any day now. I think its more like any month now. Before Christmas but after Halloween for sure. That does not stop us from daily torturing him.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried any of the cat-nip? Sometimes even if it is teeth this can help with calming him. Some times they just go through a seperation thing and dont like to be away from mom that long, he will out grow this and it will make nights much easier.I wish I were their to help out more, I could take a turn at a sleepless night. Try to take a nap when he takes his, I know you don't usualy like to nap during the day but it does help a little to make it easier to handle. Love you and hope you get some better rest tonight. Grandma Melanie

Jennspiration said...

Courtney-I live for those videos! So please keep posting them! It's all I can do to not reach into my computer screen and pick him up! I totally understand where you are coming from with the restless nights! Being a mommy is the hardest job in the world, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! You will get through this, it is going to seem like forever, but one day you are going to say "I wish he would wake up so we could snuggle!" I know that is hard to believe, but it will happen. He needs you and you are providing for him!! You're doing everything right.

I wish I could be there right along Grandma Melanie to help take care of him so you could get some much needed rest!

Take care of yourself, I am just now learning that...go paint your toenails or give yourself a deserve it!

Kim said...

I love the laundry pile!! Preston's is the exact same. And I swear as soon as I wash everything it's dirty again. And Zeke really does look like he's going to crawl!! I kept waiting for him to grab that toy he was just so determined.