Soooo tired

I am sooooo tired. Seriously.

So I was so very excited a few posts back. Zeke had slept 2 nights in his crib with barely a feeding or waking. Yipee I said, my baby is sleep trained and I didn't even do anything.

HAHAHAHAHA. <-- sleep deprived insane laughter.

That was for only two nights. I have been so happy since then to get even 2 hours of sleep. A 2 hour stretch is an achievement you wouldn't believe. So your son is president huh? Well mine slept 2 hours!! HAHAHAHHAHA. (I need to stop that...)

Last night it went a little something like this. Feeding at 8, put to bed, wakes up and cries till I feed again at 9, again at 10, again at 11. Then he slept till 2:30. I was so happy I almost cried. Then Josh took over (ok I admit it, I was actually crying). He said he got up 4 times until 5:30 when Zeke wouldn't settle for him until he was taken to me and fed. Then we gave up and put him in our bed, because we do so in the mornings anyways and 5:30 can count as morning if I say so.

As you can see there are 2 problems here. A. My son has decided my only function in this world is his meal ticket. Seriously, I know he's not hungry again but as soon as he sees me all of a sudden he wants to eat and wont calm down until he has. This is only at night, I should mention. During the day he regularly goes 3, 4, even 5 hours between feedings. I have a difficult time sometimes even getting him to eat because he wants to play again as soon as he has even partly filled up. And maybe that is part of the problem too, I dont know, all I know is at night he cries and cries until I feed him, every time he wakes up. As you can see, if Josh gets up a pat on the back and a binky is enough. Josh doesn't lactate and Zeke knows this. Now B. is the more basic problem of the fact that he wakes up and wakes up and wakes up. He wont self sooth at all. I dont get it. He naps great, always has, always alone.

I know Annali is dealing with the same thing with her Henry. I know billions of mothers are dealing with the same thing. But I am personally at a loss. I don't want to sleep with him anymore in our room. He is beginning to outgrow his Moses basket and I don't want to bring his crib into our room. I just don't want to go there. I know he's capable of self soothing. Like I said, he does it at nap time, he did it 2 nights a few weeks ago.

I also don't want to "cry it out". I am personally not capable of this, nor do I really even want to be, even though I know a lot of great mothers that have done it with success. Isn't there some reasonable middle ground?

Yes, you say. And it involves getting up in the middle of the night. A lot.

All I can say is he better dang appreciate this when he is older....

PS I have pictures. And a video. And I will post both later today :)


Kim said...

I completely understand where you are at!! And Preston is 14 Months!! Is it possible that Zeke is teething?? Preston's first tooth popped through around 4 Months, so maybe Zeke will do the same?? Whenever Preston is teething (like right now) I become a human pacifier at night. During the day he's fine but NOT at night. If he is teething you can give him tylenol at night.

If it is just sleep association then I have a book called The No Cry Sleep Method that you can borrow. I never read it because Preston was clearly a Ferber baby, so I don't know if it will help. I also have the Ferber book but that does involve some cry it out and Zeke is still really little. But if you want to borrow that you can too.

I hope he starts sleeping better for you!! Everything is so much worse when you aren't getting any sleep at night. I wish I had more advice but the best I've got is I feel for you!!

Also did you want to borrow that crib bumper?? I just found it and will keep it out if you want to use it. Let me know.

Domrese Family Blog said...

We went through this too! We tried a variety of methods, but finally had to "cry it out." I had to leave the house, I swear the boys could smell me if I was near. With problem. :( We had to wait until 9 months for cry it out, until IIIIII was ready. Otherwise it's totally not worth it. Also, I had a video monitor, so I could watch them. Then I could turn off the sound and just watch them and see when they were too upset. Hearing them cry was just too much for me. This too, shall pass and he WILL sleep through the night!

Kait Toompas said...

It sounds like he needs to be on a better daytime routine. Have him up at the same times - make him take naps at the same times... with the cry it out thing they say it's easiest for kids to start falling asleep in their beds during the day rather than at night. We started Molly on this even though we were going to cry it out but she didn't care as long as she got sleep. She's always been a perfect sleeper. We had to do serious cry it out for Joe who would cry and scream for 40 minutes at the top of his lungs and that was sadly around 11 months. Sam... ugh Sam never slept and I was lucky if I got 2 hours of sleep until he was 2.5 when J started spanking him if he got up. lol another form of cry it out I suppose! lol. Anyway same thing I said to Annali; no advice but I feel for you... I really do!