going to Seattle

Zeke and I (along with good friends Kim and Preston) are going on a short trip to Seattle this morning. We are going to be there for 3 days (2 nights) and hit the Zoo, Pike Place, and the Children's Museum. Yipee!!!

My fears right now? What if Zeke wont sleep in the hotel and keeps all 4 of us awake (we are splitting a room)? What if Zeke screams the entire car ride (this sometimes happens)? What if Zeke decides he doesn't want to ride in a stroller and makes me carry him EVERYWHERE in my pregnant state, thus making me nauseous and throwing me into contractions (this also sometimes happens)?

Here is hoping that Zeke is a good and happy boy for our little vacation. Or at least that Preston matches Zeke's naughtiness. Lol.

It will probably be fine, and hey, even if it isnt I will survive to blog about it and you will get a good laugh. So win win.

Zeke's words are really coming along lately. His 2 big new ones are Herego (Here you go all smooshed together), which he says when he kisses me or hands me a toy and Bellyboogatubebu...... Which is belly button. He has the "belly" part down but then goes into some indistinct muttering after that.

He is getting really vocal though, which is exciting. If he's in the right mood he will try to repeat just about anything Josh or I say and I bet there are a good 20 words he remembers and uses regularly now. He knows Hello and Hi and Ball and Bottle, Kitty and Turtle and Momma, and Da and so many others. Now if only he would do any of that in front of strangers so I can show off... Or at the least he could finally learn nose. We've been working on that for a long time and he still confidently points to my nose when I ask and says "Ba."

It's truly summer

You know its summer when the strawberries look THIS good. Tonight I'm making some fruit leather and tomorrow...freezer jam. You gotta love about 6 pounds of strawberry goodness.

Zeke certainly enjoyed picking strawberries, though.
And of course gorging on said strawberries. I'm pretty sure he picked and ate a good 2 dozen.
And that was BEFORE he realized how much easier it would be to just glean off of what we had already picked.
An hour and about 7 dollars later we were heading home with that box full, though, despite Zeke's theft. This is SO a new family tradition.

We've had hints of summer even besides the strawberry picking trip we took today. Take Zeke's new study of the manly arts.

And dont forget lawn mowing.
And this last picture is just for fun. Zeke is starting to develop his sense of humor and he makes this face (while breathing rather hard) to make us laugh. It works every time.

We had kabobs

I think I'm going to discontinue WFDW for a while. Probably for the summer. We cook so little in the hot months, we mostly eat salads or sandwiches with fresh fruits and veggies and a whole lot of BBQ of course.

Although if you were just dying to know I WAS going to post our dinner of shish kabobs tonight. Made with lamb, as all true and pure shish kabobs are. And of course delicious zuchinni, mushrooms, tomato, bell pepper, and onion...oh my now I'm hungry again.

It's been a fun week this week. The weather is back to something livable and that always makes things easier. We've been outside pretty much non-stop, going on a just Zeke and I date to a local park on Teusday and then having our freinds Kim and Preston over to play in the backyard on Wednesday. They were both a lot of fun and inducing of great naps. I go to parks with friends so much more often then I go just Zeke and I that I forget how much fun it really can be. Dont get me wrong, I love sitting and chatting and getting that break but every once in a while its nice to focus completely on Zeke and play right along with him.

Today we are pretty indoor-bound being busy with our mindful mama's meeting but Josh asked me if I could make him and Zeke a picnic dinner for their "boy's night" date on Friday so it sounds like they are heading to a park. The boy's night went really well last week. It was cold and a little rainy so they went to the mall and Josh let Zeke lead the way and wander around everywhere (something I never allow, so I'm sure Zeke was having a blast), then they ate dinner at Qdoba where Zeke apparently "molested a quessadilla" (Josh's words).

Father's day went well too, since now I realize I never wrote about it. We had the special dinner on Saturday night (crab legs, baked potatoes, and rolls) since Sunday was our last EVER Sunday dinner with Josh, Jen, and Adria (the first two are leaving for Eugene and grad school this week). Sunday itself we skipped church (I know, naughty) to sleep in and relax. We had blueberry muffins and then went to Car Toys to get a new stereo installed. So Josh got a new sterio and 2 bags of socks. Lol. It's what he wanted. Zeke also got a bag of socks, just for being so cute :)

I have some fun pictures that I'll post later on this week. And next week I'm going to SEATTLE!!! Unless one of the boys get sick again....you're keeping Preston quarintined right Kim?

I never was a gymanst

I've been having a trying day. 99% of my frustration is centered around Zeke's new-found obsession with sticking his finger up my nose. Which I CANNOT STAND. I don't know why its such a big deal to me but it seriously drives me NUTTERS. It also leaves me at a complete blank as to what to do about it. It's not a serious enough offense to spank over. Yet I don't want to be taken down to my one year old's level in a sadly equal fight of him lifting his hand and me pushing it back down over and over again.

So I find myself back in the balancing act that is motherhood and realizing all over again that I never was a gymnast...I could never even learn a headstand.

I want to teach Zeke respect for my limits (as well as teach myself respect for my limits, we, as mothers, can only do and handle so much) as well as teach him respect for my body. Yet I don't want to fight over everything, I don't want to curb his curiosity, and I desperately want to be an example of the patience that I daily expect from him.

It seems like a big bag of worms to have been brought up by a baby sticking his fingers up his mommies nose but it's actually a subject I fret over often. Balancing.

Discipline is so much more than a simple set of do and donts and Josh and I more and more are looking around us and realizing that the values we want to instill in our children are no longer reflected in the world around us.

In today's world how do you teach a child respect? Respect for other's and respect for himself? How do you get him to open doors for women, not because they cant but because he should? How do you teach him to listen and to learn from his elders but also to think for himself at all times? How do you teach him to honor tradition but to also know that just because something has always been that way doesn't make it right? How do you teach right?

In a country like ours how do you instill in a small boy that winning isnt everything? That method is worlds more important than outcome and meaning more important than activity? How do you teach him, in a church like today's, to balance the love that Jesus taught with the bile that you so often see and hear coming from Christians? How do you teach him love and forgiveness and yet still teach him strong and steady morals?

How do you teach true Christian morals at all? They don't even seem to exist in the church anymore.

Josh and I so often worry and not only because we arent sure how to balance these lessons with parental patience, forgiveness, love, and fun. We also worry because we know that the best way is to be examples of them ourselves, and we know too well how our own balancing acts sometimes are.

Verse of the week

Its been a long time since I've done a verse of the week. My bible reading, I will admit, has been pretty sketchy the last few weeks. Before Zeke I was really really good at being disciplined. I meditated and read 10 chapters a day...well...religiously. I ended up getting thru a tiny bit more than the full bible a year. It wasn't that hard because I usually used my lunch break at work. Having a set time of day is really the key.

AFTER Zeke....its on and off. I will do great for a month but then all of a sudden I realize my only prayers are the little 5 minute ones I scatter thru my day (I've made habits, I pray in my head every time I get in the car, every time I prepare some food, every time I look in a mirror, ect. It works really well for a constant connect) and that I've only read about 5 chapters THAT WEEK, and none at all for a good 3 days in a row.

Its not even like I really dont have the time. I've always said that reading the bible is more important than watching House, more important than reading blogs, more important then reading whatever novel I am on. These are things I generally find time for. Yet I refuse to find time for the Lord. Heck, it's more important to read the bible then it is to keep this house clean. I know Josh would agree and not blame me for a sink full of dishes if he knew I used to time for a good prayer session.

I think at the very heart of it my alone and quiet time is just so much rarer, so much more valuable, then it used to be that these days I dont feel like paying the price of that hour or two. When it meant putting off my novel until later that day it was hard but easily done with a little discipline. When it means I wont get to read my novel AT ALL that day...or maybe even the next...well I am weak and selfish, I never said I wasnt.

Today was a bit of a sucess though and I was very graciously led to this verse "I am my beloved's and his desire is for me." in Solomon 7, verse 10. It's so comforting to know that it isnt up to us to find God, that we are His beloved and that He is searching for us. It is only up to us to allow ourselves to be found...and to stay found. Like Simon Tugwell says in his book Prayer, "Our hope is in His determination to save us, and He will not give in."

Im here and alive

I feel as if I havent had any time for my blog lately, and I have sooo many things I've wanted to post too. But first moving and then early pregnancy and then Zeke being sick has left me swamped to say the least.

But we are finished unpacking (have been for a while), Zeke's fever has been gone for a good 24 hours now, and I'm suddenly feeling a lot better this week, maybe not with energy to spare but surely with energy to survive thru the day (which hasnt always been the case the last couple weeks). So here is me, trying to re-commit to blogging.

I think it will go well.

Tomorrow Zeke and Josh start a new tradition, Friday night boy's night. It's going to serve a duel purpose...or maybe its really just one purpose that will slightly change. For now it's going to give me time for a Friday evening prenatal yoga class, so I can connect with this pregnancy and this baby...not to mention de-stress and exersize. I took the same class when I was pregnant with Zeke and mostly at that time I was thinking of staying in shape (and it DID help a lot in that area) but I found by the end of my pregnancy that I was hanging onto an emotional thread waiting for the next class and that it really helped me connect with my pregnancy.

I've tried time and time again to start a yoga practice at home but it's never quite the same. I can get into a great meditation routine solo if I try hard enough (and, you know, Zeke isnt around) but I never feel like I get as much out of the positions themselves without someone guiding me. And its just not the same de-stressing enviroment, doing yoga with a 1 year old watching.

So I get to go to Cara at Harmony Yoga again for her class. And the OTHER purpose of a Friday night tradition is that when the little blueberry DOES arrive Zeke and Josh will be in the habit of weekly solo time, allowing me to continue a tradition of destressing and connecting with my new baby. Not to mention giving Zeke some one on one time with a parent, which he will need. As blueberry gets a little older, Josh and I might even switch places every once in a while.

Its all very exciting.

Josh and I have also been thinking about names a lot. Our goal is to have 3 options for each sex. That way when Blueberry is born we have names set that we agree on but also the ability to pick a name that we think really "goes" with the baby. With Zeke we had it down to Ezekiel, Isaiah, or Gabriel. But really we were already leaning towards the first two because we decided last minute we didnt like the shortened "Gabe".

So far our favorite girl names are Adva and Miriam and our favorite boy names are Ezra and Jude (although Josh isn't fond of either boy name, he wont think up any he DOES like so there they are). I wrote them all on the fridge so that we can think about them. Zeke's name list changed so much over the months. Names crossed off and then later another added. What can I say? We take naming seriously.

We're also talking about middle names, which is new ground for us. Josh really had his heart set on Zeke's middle name being his dad's last name, Yergenson. It was so important to him that we only chose first names that went along with that and never even really considered any other middle names. The problem is I dont really take middle names that seriously, who ever uses them?, so I keep wanting to do something like Chaos or Rogue...or even Wolverine, lol, but also wonder if I should be more reasonable and pick some grandparents with good names...

Birthday Pictures

I'm supposed to be in Seattle right now. At the zoo. Having fun. Instead I am home in a filthy dirty house with a sick baby. Because first Preston, and then Zeke came down with an awful flu. And while Preston got sick in time for us to change our reservations at the hotel, Zeke did NOT get sick late enough for me to clean our house after the party.

Oh well. It's just a fever. Nothing really else worth mentioning. And its been going around town pretty heavy the last few weeks and isn't bacterial in nature so there's no need for antibiotics. And Zeke is always such a good boy when he's sick. Barely crying, he just wants to cuddle on the couch all day while he drifts in and out of sleep. When he's awake we read books and sing songs, when he's asleep I catch up on my own reading since he absolutely refuses to be left alone. It could be worse.

Saturday went really well, however. One of the few first birthday's I've ever attended where the birthday child didnt cry even once, lol. And here are some pics for your enjoyment. Of course I didnt even think of pictures until the important stuff happened so all I've got is presents and cake and none at all of kiddo's playing in pools or having a blast popping balloons, but oh well. I was enjoying myself.

We decorated the deck a bit.

And Zeke even showed some interest in unwrapping gifts.The cake turned out great.
Even if Zeke refused to feed it to himself and make a mess everywhere as is tradition. Brian was more than happy to feed it to him in the wagon that Mommy and Daddy bought him.

He's 1!!!

I had blogger all set up to auto post a WFDW yesterday and a birthday post today at 10:36 when Zeke was born last year. I wrote them both on Tuesday knowing how busy I'd be on Wednesday and Thursday. But alas neither posted.

So I'll just save the WFDW for next week (I will be in Seattle and NOT cooking) and go ahead and post the birthday post now, even though Zeke has been one year old for a good 2 hours already.

The best layed plans...

oh and PS I guess since I'm here I'll go ahead and let everyone know that Blueberry and I's first appointment with our midwife went well. I'm measuring 9 weeks but we still figure I am probably 10 already. My tipped uterus may be hiding a small amount of baby. Cathy was unsure if she'd be able to pick up a heartbeat already so I went ahead and told her I'd just let her look next month. I think looking and not finding would be nerve-wracking, and she says if I get nervous she can stop by around 12 weeks and come listen to it.

Anyways, back to your previously scheduled post...

Yep, it was 1 year ago that Zeke was born...1 year ago to the minute of this posting in fact. I cant believe it, and I can truly say it was love at first sight.

1 month
2 months
3 months
4 months
5 months
6 Months
7 months
8 months
9 months
10 months
11 months
What a year!