A busy weekend

It was a very busy weekend. Actually it was a very busy Saturday. Our Sunday got cut rather short when our afternoon shopping trip (which in my defense was one of those really really extra big 200 dollar trips) sent me into a fit of alternating throwing up with having contractions. Fun. So after that Josh decided as head of household that I was going to first lay on the couch while he made me lunch, second take a nap with Zeke, and third "blog or something" before we go to a BBQ at a friends house this evening.

I love my husband, and appreciate how much he does for me and our family (especially when I find myself, like now, in a weakened state), but I hate hate HATE being so useless. I love being pregnant... I don't mind the morning sickness, I take all the food limitations with a shrug of the shoulder, and I've never been one to complain much about getting huge...but I'm not very good at slowing down. For some reason its easier for me to tell myself I cant have caffeine because it causes low birth weight and premature labor but absolutely impossible to tell myself I cant volunteer in the children's church, mop the kitchen, go grocery shopping, and weed the lawn all before noon even though getting proper rest is an even bigger deal then caffeine.

But today has made me promise Josh to lay down with Zeke every day and let him handle a little more of the exhausting chores, at least until we are thru the first trimester.

But on to brighter news, here is our Saturday (or at least the parts most important to Zeke) in pictures:

First we decided it was high time for Zeke to get a haircut. While I loved the shaggy Beatles-esque look my son was sporting before, now that its summer it was getting a little sweaty and muddy for my taste. Plus I was afraid I was encouraging certain...ahem...influences around the house.

So here is Zeke before.
And here he is after.
He was pretty sure he was needlessly tortured. After all, the man in the poster right behind him has pretty much the hairdo that he arrived in.

To make up for it we decided to go to Target and buy him his birthday present. And then he was so excited about the picture on the box we decided to go ahead and assemble it too. Zeke crawled into his new wagon right away.
And helped daddy with his tools too. Zeke LOVES daddy's tools.
Then he waited patiently for the last piece...
Or maybe he didnt. (notice Josh's "can you stop laughing and make your son behave" face as Zeke pushes the wagon toward the screen door.)
Then after a couple trips around the yard we all sat back and enjoyed some Crepes for dinner.
We also did quite a bit of unpacking. In fact we finished the rest of the house. Excepting the basement of course. That has been deemed "the laberynth" and is Josh's territory, and as such will probably never be fully unpacked. But we finished enough for me to be able to call it finished. And for me to bake some celebratory cheesecake, which was our prize for finishing unpacking. So pictures of the rest of the house to come at a later date. Right now, I'm off to BBQ.


Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby said...

Slowing down was always the hardest part for me too (difficult, but necessary to an extent). Hope you're feeling better soon!

Michaela said...

I love the look Josh is giving you! No words needed for that one. Zeke is such a cutie - both with shaggy and "clean cut" hair!

Jennspiration said...

I like the hair cut, but it does make him look like a big boy. We have that wagon and LOVE it, in fact I was pulling my kids AND the two neighbor kids in it yesterday! Oh, and Crepes for dinner~sounds YUM-O