Birthday Pictures

I'm supposed to be in Seattle right now. At the zoo. Having fun. Instead I am home in a filthy dirty house with a sick baby. Because first Preston, and then Zeke came down with an awful flu. And while Preston got sick in time for us to change our reservations at the hotel, Zeke did NOT get sick late enough for me to clean our house after the party.

Oh well. It's just a fever. Nothing really else worth mentioning. And its been going around town pretty heavy the last few weeks and isn't bacterial in nature so there's no need for antibiotics. And Zeke is always such a good boy when he's sick. Barely crying, he just wants to cuddle on the couch all day while he drifts in and out of sleep. When he's awake we read books and sing songs, when he's asleep I catch up on my own reading since he absolutely refuses to be left alone. It could be worse.

Saturday went really well, however. One of the few first birthday's I've ever attended where the birthday child didnt cry even once, lol. And here are some pics for your enjoyment. Of course I didnt even think of pictures until the important stuff happened so all I've got is presents and cake and none at all of kiddo's playing in pools or having a blast popping balloons, but oh well. I was enjoying myself.

We decorated the deck a bit.

And Zeke even showed some interest in unwrapping gifts.The cake turned out great.
Even if Zeke refused to feed it to himself and make a mess everywhere as is tradition. Brian was more than happy to feed it to him in the wagon that Mommy and Daddy bought him.


Jen said...

The cake looks awesome!!!! Sorry we missed that. I realized I didn't put a card in our gift bag. Ours was the one with the hammer and shark outfit... in case Zeke really wanted to know. :)

The Butterfields said...

That cake looks fabulous Courtney!!!

Kim said...

Looks like it was fun! Sorry we missed it. :( At least we'll be in Seattle in two weeks right?! We'll have plenty of fun then when our boys are no longer sick and whiny!

Jennspiration said...

Looks like fun was had by all! The cake turned out AWESOME!

koliberekxo said...

what a lovely child and very colorful cake ;)

Marshmallow Circus said...

What a super cool cake! Happy belated birthday to Zeke. :_)