Baby (baby) bump

Here are the long-ago promised pictures of Zeke in his new pool. He thinks its pretty special...and daddy likes to stick his feet in too.

And before it becomes too late to take a picture of my pre-baby (or at least pre-THIS baby) tummy I quick took one this morning. I'm a tad over 9 weeks (we think) and haven't gained any weight yet (and happy day I haven't lost any either!).

I WOULD like to say that the tiny little bump visible down there is me starting to grow from Blueberry already, but let's all just be honest and admit that it's actually the muffin top left-over from Zeke's pregnancy. I'm actually very proud of my post-baby body, muffin top or not. And I hate women that constantly make excuses about their weight/shape. Especially when they are women like me and have nothing to complain about.

Yes, my stomach has a little pooch that will never ever go away and was never there before. It's called extra skin and it happens. And yes, I have more stretch marks then unaffected skin from my pelvis bone to about an inch above my belly button. And even yes, my breasts were a perky double D back before Zeke sucked all the life out of them and now they are a sad and droopy C cup.

But I still say I look damned good. After all, it was only a year ago that I looked like this:And not even a year from now I'll be that size again. So I don't think it will be long before I'm remembering my current muffin top VERY fondly.


Kelli said...

I absolutley LOVE this post! It makes me remember that my muffin top (ok mines more like a big bagel) and deep stretch marks are for such a wonderful reason (3 little wonderful, crazy kids). Congratulations!!!!

Sheena said...

Courtney, your blogs sure are entertaining. Thanks for making me feel beter about myself.

Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby said...

I think you look FAB! No worries about the muffin top (or the bagel, Kelli!)...after 4 kiddos, I feel like I have a baker's dozen sitting around my middle and I love each kiddo that helped contribute to it :)