Im here and alive

I feel as if I havent had any time for my blog lately, and I have sooo many things I've wanted to post too. But first moving and then early pregnancy and then Zeke being sick has left me swamped to say the least.

But we are finished unpacking (have been for a while), Zeke's fever has been gone for a good 24 hours now, and I'm suddenly feeling a lot better this week, maybe not with energy to spare but surely with energy to survive thru the day (which hasnt always been the case the last couple weeks). So here is me, trying to re-commit to blogging.

I think it will go well.

Tomorrow Zeke and Josh start a new tradition, Friday night boy's night. It's going to serve a duel purpose...or maybe its really just one purpose that will slightly change. For now it's going to give me time for a Friday evening prenatal yoga class, so I can connect with this pregnancy and this baby...not to mention de-stress and exersize. I took the same class when I was pregnant with Zeke and mostly at that time I was thinking of staying in shape (and it DID help a lot in that area) but I found by the end of my pregnancy that I was hanging onto an emotional thread waiting for the next class and that it really helped me connect with my pregnancy.

I've tried time and time again to start a yoga practice at home but it's never quite the same. I can get into a great meditation routine solo if I try hard enough (and, you know, Zeke isnt around) but I never feel like I get as much out of the positions themselves without someone guiding me. And its just not the same de-stressing enviroment, doing yoga with a 1 year old watching.

So I get to go to Cara at Harmony Yoga again for her class. And the OTHER purpose of a Friday night tradition is that when the little blueberry DOES arrive Zeke and Josh will be in the habit of weekly solo time, allowing me to continue a tradition of destressing and connecting with my new baby. Not to mention giving Zeke some one on one time with a parent, which he will need. As blueberry gets a little older, Josh and I might even switch places every once in a while.

Its all very exciting.

Josh and I have also been thinking about names a lot. Our goal is to have 3 options for each sex. That way when Blueberry is born we have names set that we agree on but also the ability to pick a name that we think really "goes" with the baby. With Zeke we had it down to Ezekiel, Isaiah, or Gabriel. But really we were already leaning towards the first two because we decided last minute we didnt like the shortened "Gabe".

So far our favorite girl names are Adva and Miriam and our favorite boy names are Ezra and Jude (although Josh isn't fond of either boy name, he wont think up any he DOES like so there they are). I wrote them all on the fridge so that we can think about them. Zeke's name list changed so much over the months. Names crossed off and then later another added. What can I say? We take naming seriously.

We're also talking about middle names, which is new ground for us. Josh really had his heart set on Zeke's middle name being his dad's last name, Yergenson. It was so important to him that we only chose first names that went along with that and never even really considered any other middle names. The problem is I dont really take middle names that seriously, who ever uses them?, so I keep wanting to do something like Chaos or Rogue...or even Wolverine, lol, but also wonder if I should be more reasonable and pick some grandparents with good names...


A-trox said...

ummmm okay CC i know you don't mean this to offend. but my family takes middle names VERY seriously. in our family it's used to pass down names rather than giving everyone the same first name. and they wanted to break the chain up a little since my name didnt really go with "lee" or "agnes" or "marry" or "paul" and they were so set on Adria and really only "Storm" was fitting :P

Jess to the Lo said...

I just announced my own pregnancy, we are right about the same timeline I think. I posted a link to your blog in my blog announcement, since it's been fun to follow your pregnancy knowing we are at the same stage.

We too are also having trouble finding names we like thus far. Thankfully, we have some time :D .