We had kabobs

I think I'm going to discontinue WFDW for a while. Probably for the summer. We cook so little in the hot months, we mostly eat salads or sandwiches with fresh fruits and veggies and a whole lot of BBQ of course.

Although if you were just dying to know I WAS going to post our dinner of shish kabobs tonight. Made with lamb, as all true and pure shish kabobs are. And of course delicious zuchinni, mushrooms, tomato, bell pepper, and onion...oh my now I'm hungry again.

It's been a fun week this week. The weather is back to something livable and that always makes things easier. We've been outside pretty much non-stop, going on a just Zeke and I date to a local park on Teusday and then having our freinds Kim and Preston over to play in the backyard on Wednesday. They were both a lot of fun and inducing of great naps. I go to parks with friends so much more often then I go just Zeke and I that I forget how much fun it really can be. Dont get me wrong, I love sitting and chatting and getting that break but every once in a while its nice to focus completely on Zeke and play right along with him.

Today we are pretty indoor-bound being busy with our mindful mama's meeting but Josh asked me if I could make him and Zeke a picnic dinner for their "boy's night" date on Friday so it sounds like they are heading to a park. The boy's night went really well last week. It was cold and a little rainy so they went to the mall and Josh let Zeke lead the way and wander around everywhere (something I never allow, so I'm sure Zeke was having a blast), then they ate dinner at Qdoba where Zeke apparently "molested a quessadilla" (Josh's words).

Father's day went well too, since now I realize I never wrote about it. We had the special dinner on Saturday night (crab legs, baked potatoes, and rolls) since Sunday was our last EVER Sunday dinner with Josh, Jen, and Adria (the first two are leaving for Eugene and grad school this week). Sunday itself we skipped church (I know, naughty) to sleep in and relax. We had blueberry muffins and then went to Car Toys to get a new stereo installed. So Josh got a new sterio and 2 bags of socks. Lol. It's what he wanted. Zeke also got a bag of socks, just for being so cute :)

I have some fun pictures that I'll post later on this week. And next week I'm going to SEATTLE!!! Unless one of the boys get sick again....you're keeping Preston quarintined right Kim?

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Kim said...

Of course! :P We are SO ready to go to Seattle! Not to mention that we're ripping up all of our carpet this weekend so we're going to be pretty homeless until they install the new stuff next week! Hello Seattle!