going to Seattle

Zeke and I (along with good friends Kim and Preston) are going on a short trip to Seattle this morning. We are going to be there for 3 days (2 nights) and hit the Zoo, Pike Place, and the Children's Museum. Yipee!!!

My fears right now? What if Zeke wont sleep in the hotel and keeps all 4 of us awake (we are splitting a room)? What if Zeke screams the entire car ride (this sometimes happens)? What if Zeke decides he doesn't want to ride in a stroller and makes me carry him EVERYWHERE in my pregnant state, thus making me nauseous and throwing me into contractions (this also sometimes happens)?

Here is hoping that Zeke is a good and happy boy for our little vacation. Or at least that Preston matches Zeke's naughtiness. Lol.

It will probably be fine, and hey, even if it isnt I will survive to blog about it and you will get a good laugh. So win win.

Zeke's words are really coming along lately. His 2 big new ones are Herego (Here you go all smooshed together), which he says when he kisses me or hands me a toy and Bellyboogatubebu...... Which is belly button. He has the "belly" part down but then goes into some indistinct muttering after that.

He is getting really vocal though, which is exciting. If he's in the right mood he will try to repeat just about anything Josh or I say and I bet there are a good 20 words he remembers and uses regularly now. He knows Hello and Hi and Ball and Bottle, Kitty and Turtle and Momma, and Da and so many others. Now if only he would do any of that in front of strangers so I can show off... Or at the least he could finally learn nose. We've been working on that for a long time and he still confidently points to my nose when I ask and says "Ba."

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Grandma Jane said...

I'm reading this after you have already left for Seattle. I hope is that all your fears never come to pass regarding Zeke's behavior. But, you were right on about surviving it all. Off subject, I read some thing that really thrilled me...don't expect something that he/she isn't capable of, you get frustrated and they feel like a failure. Here's to a wonderful trip!!