We are back and exhausted

Yep, we are back in Spokane. And let me tell you we had such an excellent time that we did NOT miss it. Seattle is, by far, the better city and there is just no arguing it. But we DID miss Josh, and our house, and our beds. So we are happy to be back. And after all that traffic, and all those high prices, and already knowing what a decent house in Seattle costs, I understand why we chose to live here, even if our Children's Museum is a sad sad shade of theirs. Still 3 days is not long enough to enjoy a city as awesome as Seattle and I definitely plan on going back soon.

I am utterly exhausted so I'm not going into details yet or post any of my amazingly cute photos. But I wanted to let everyone know that the trip went well, that none of my fears came into reality (we only had 1 rather small and easily napped away tantrum), and that we are safely home in the arms of our daddy/husband.

Oh and Kim and I are still friends. Even if Zeke was naughtier then Preston and we had made a deal to have equally ill behaved children. I forgive her.

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