A busy 3 day weekend

I love 3 day weekends. I love them more than anything else, except maybe the rare and delicious 4 day weekend.

THIS particular 3 day weekend was even better than expected. Full of sun and daddy time, equally warming.

Friday morning was spent at Audubon park. I forgot my camera, unfortunately, but Zeke took us from the splash pad, to the swings, to the slide, BACK to the swings again, with plenty of squirrel chasing in between. It's one of our very favorite parks, really close to the house and with tons of shade and Zeke and I go just about every week, if not a couple times in a week, but having daddy there made it extra special. Mommies just cant pretend they are being kicked in the face by your swinging legs as convincingly.

After the park we went home for a nap and spent the rest of the afternoon in a home-made tent. Or at least 2 members of our family spent the rest of the afternoon in a tent, one member was informed "no girls allowed".
We made home-made pizza and relished in the fact that all day had been FRIDAY, and a work day, except there was no work. Thanks America for being born!

Saturday was, of course, the 4th of July and as tradition holds we went downtown to Riverfront park to enjoy the sometimes bad live music, the horrendously thick crowds, the disgustingly greasy fair food, and the headache inducing fireworks. Just kidding, I actually love going downtown for the 4th of July. Even JOSH loves going downtown for the 4th. In our last 4 July 4ths (since we moved to Spokane) we have spent 3 down there (we went camping 1 year, a year I maintain HAD no 4th of July...even though it was an awesome camping trip) so it's officially a tradition. And a tradition I plan on maintaining.
Josh of course wore his 4th of July t-shirt. He actually insists that it is mere coincidence that out of those 3 4th of July's he has worn this same t-shirt all 3 times. I'm not sure if I believe him.

Zeke, of course had a blast. I think we were at the park for a total of 8 hours (we spend the whole day down there, usually arriving around 2 or 3 and not leaving until after the fireworks show at 10) and he was happy the entire time.

Riding on daddy's shoulders.

Flirting with various camera's.

Drinking strawberry lemonade.
Finding Crawdads in the river (Josh and I thought it was a lobster, lol.)

And of course playing in the fountains.

He was sooo brave in the fountains and he had such a great time that he wouldn't let us leave until he fell and bit his lip. Even then the entire walk back to our blankets he kept hugging Josh's head and kissing his ears. I think he was trying to say "thankyou".

He even stayed in a great mood all the way up to 10 when the firework show started, although I will admit he was getting really silly by the end there. You know the state when babies are so tired they just get really really silly and wont stop moving for fear of falling asleep standing? Yeah, we were there.

I think the fireworks themselves bored him, lol. He would look up from time to time but mostly he was just trying to get Adria to play with him. He also insisted that Adria hold his hand the entire walk to the car. He might be in love.
Sunday we RESTED. Josh and I were both soo tired. Zeke, on the other hand, was ready to go. As soon as he woke up he kept trying to lead Josh and I by the hand to the front door, "gotta go gotta go" he kept saying. Yeah right, kid. I think all this strawberry picking, seattle vacationing, and holiday weekending has gotten him a bit spoiled. And now we are thinking of doing a "practice" camping trip next weekend at the state park that's just 15 minutes from our house. I cant decide if I want to get rained out or not just so we can have a boring weekend, lol.

We DID venture as far as the backyard on Sunday, where Josh barbecued and Zeke rubbed dirt from an empty planter all over his naked body. Literally, he was rubbing it into his skin. Boys.
All in all an amazing weekend.


A-trox said...

awww the 4th was such a great day! And I tradition I hope we can all maintain :)

Jen said...

We'll do our best. We love spending the 4th with you guys.

Thanks for letting us stay at your place. We had so much fun!

Love the pictures!

Jennspiration said...

Wowee! You guys WERE busy! I cannot believe how freakin' long Josh's hair is! I wish mine grew that fast...Anyway, looks like you guys had tons of fun!