Blueberry updates

I kind of thought that now that I am 14 weeks and into my second trimester it was time for an update on our little Blueberry. It's strange to think that I am already 1/3 of the way there, this pregnancy hasn't really forced itself onto my consciousness like the last one. Maybe I have a little bit of a "been there, done that" attitude about it, and honestly it wasn't even that long ago. Sometimes I just feel like THIS pregnancy is just a continuation of the LAST pregnancy. True I had a good 9 month break but with breastfeeding the entire time it all feels like one giant hormone coaster.

I think when my hormones balance out Josh will fall in love with me all over again. Although who am I joking, does a woman's hormones ever really balance out?

Anyways, second trimester. My energy is coming back, slowly but surely, my nausea is fairly non existent unless I do something stupid like not eat all day and I feel a lot like this chick:

Because Im at that lovely stage where you dont really look pregnant, you just look like you've been putting on weight. Much like Zeke, Blueberry has been hanging out in my extremely roomy and apparently comfortable pelvis. Usually your uterus has popped over your pelvic bone by now causing your tummy to "pop". My kids like to just wedge themselves in there until they are forced out, though, causing me to pee everytime I sneeze. Yeah, you heard me.

Zeke lasted underneath my pelvic bone until a little after 20 weeks, at which point I could feel constant pressure at both hips and he was forced to sit in a more diagonal position in order to continue growing. And if there is one thing my first born loves to do, its grow, lol. Who knows how long this baby will last down there but he is wedged pretty tight as of last night. Cathy had to almost scewer me with her doppler to catch his heartbeat.

But he is healthy and lemony sized and being fairly kind to his mommy.

I better get offline though. I had a playdate planned for today, and when it was cancelled I got sulky and decided to stay on the internet all morning while letting my toddler drink a bottle naked in the livingroom. Yeah, I'm that kind of mom sometimes.

When I ran out of Facebook, emails, and news articles to read I lowered myself further by turnign to two of my absolute favorite wastes of time.

Nothing like bad family phtots and ugly cakes to while away my life...


Kim said...

Is it completely immature that when you said you pee when you sneeze I started trying to remember if you sneezed at all while we were in Seattle and thus had peed your pants in my presence?! If it is than disregard that whole question! You could've come and played with us today we were planless and are still at our pjs! Minus that pesky plan to go grocery shopping that I have so far sucessfully put off.

coco-ono said...

its not EVERY sneeze kim, just some of them. and no, i didnt pee in your presence, if I do i'll let you know.

Veronica said...

Glad to hear the blueberry is making progress! Hm, I'm not pregnant and I still pee sometimes when I sneeze, and laugh, and anything else that jars the system. I'm blaming it on the fact that I have 3 kiddos and I always forget about kegels. There is nothing wrong with a lazy morning either! Cakewrecks, love that blog!

Jennspiration said...

I've never seen that cakewrecks blog...and I'm at work and laughing out loud! That is too funny! I definately have some cakes that I've made that could've easily made it on that blog! On my way to laugh at the bad family photos!
*oh and by the way, I'm glad blueberry is growing and doing well! I still think it's a girl!

lace said...

oooo I hadn't seen the family photos sight yet. Thanks