Oh rain...how I loath thee

I used to hate rain. Its so depressing and grey...and it makes me cold even when its not that cold inside.

But now I know that my hatred for rain used to be shallow and silly. Because now I have a toddler. An active toddler. And whenever it rains now I have to deal with Ezekiel switching back and forth from position 1. Crying at the sliding glass door and trying to open it, if he see's our cat outside he will also let out the occasional longing "kitty kitty!" and position 2. Crying at the front door and demanding "go go go, gotta go!", bringing me my shoes, his shoes, my purse, and anything else he thinks will get me ready to take him somewhere. It's interesting that he seems so sad to not go into the backyard and so angry to not go out to the car... And the whole thing is probably hilarious to my mother, since I remember also being completely unable to entertain myself at home. Heck...I still am.

Our weekend plans were a slight bust. I had hoped to go "practice camping", a 2 day ordeal just a few minutes from our house at the nearest state park to see how Zeke does. Unfortunately the state park was full. And yes, we have another state park only about 45 minutes away, but that one's campground is closed. :(

It's not a huge deal, as I'm 99% sure Zeke will LOVE camping and do beautifully on our trip in early August. The whole "practice" thing was really just a ruse to get Josh to agree to going camping last-minute. I actually just wanted to go camping. My house is dirty, and I think its lame to wait 2 whole months of summer to get away from it and spend some time in a place even dirtier. Especially after we never got to camp last year since Zeke was soo tiny.

Instead we spent a lot of Saturday at the park. Where Zeke stepped on a pine cone, cutting his foot up really bad, and I got overheated and almost passed out. Yeah...not really a trip to make me glad we didnt go camping. Sunday went off better. We found out our friends Kim and Brad were having trouble putting together a swing set playhouse they just bought Preston and we went over so Josh could help...and got fed as payment, which is always nice. Any day I dont make dinner is a winner in my book.

Next weekend will be better though. We are going to Prestons 2nd birthday party, and also finally getting around to Zeke's 1 year pictures. Then we have an empty weekend...hrm... Then we go on our 9 day trip to Boise, which will culminate in a camping trip with Josh's mom!!! If you cant tell, I'm REALLY looking forward to that one.

So that this post isnt mostly complaining I will tell a funny story about Z:

The other day I was folding laundry when I heard some dripping and giggling in the kitchen. I called out (nicely, because I wasnt sure of any fault yet) "Zeke what are you doing?" and suddenly he came running into the bedroom with his tippy cup and literally THREW it at me. The lid had come loose (it happens if you drop it) and was dripping. The look on his face was pure "its not my fault!" terror.

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Veronica said...

I feel the same way about the rain, it drives the kiddos nuts not being able to go outside. But it is fun to make giant forts, pj day and watch movies snuggled up with blankets. Hope you are able to get out soon for your test run in camping. Zeke sounds too cute, especially with the sippy incident!