Frusteration level? 900

So I am arrived and ready at EXACTLY 9 am for the photo shoot. In fact I think it was even 8:58. Because I know timeliness for these kind of things is not only professional but just courteous. And it's not like it was some cake walk either, because that is EARLY (Zeke usually wakes after 8), the park we met at is a half hour from my house (the third location I had been told in the last 2 days), and Zeke and I both had to look pretty. Plus today itself had its own unique difficulties when Zeke barricaded the front door with his body in an attempt to force Josh to stay home and I burst into tears WITH him when Josh left anyways. (I'm an emotional wreck lately and just soo tired of being Z's second choice. I know its silly but Ive cried at sillier lately.)

So yeah, being ready and THERE at 9? A major accomplishment. Then I waited. And waited. And waited. And made phone calls. And fought with Zeke who wanted to play in the pond. At 9:30 Holly arrived. Still no photographer. Holly had been told 9:30 and even though Kim, Kaitie, and I all thought 9 that wasn't surprising given all the location confusion. So we waited some more. And tried calling more too. Kaitie (who set it up) wasnt answering, the photographer wasnt answering, and Kim was in a holding pattern while we waited to find out if the portrait party was even happening.

By 10:15 or so Holly and I decided to give up and walk over to the play area to at least let the kids play for a while before we had to drive home. And THAT is where we find the photographer. Playing with her kids. Her excuse as to why she said "lets meet at the pond" and then waited for us at the playground? She doesnt know the area very well. And evidently has a special kind of blindness that doesnt allow her to see GIANT ponds. She also pointed out that she was wearing a camera and thought that would help identify her. Yes, it would have, if you had been at the pond. Or if there werent 800 women at any given time playing with their kids at a park, with a camera on their neck.

She then proceeded to spend 10 minutes taking pictures of each of our kids. Mostly while sitting on a bench that happened to be close by. Yep, 10 minutes. MAYBE 15 if I'm being kind. And sitting on a bench. Holly was intellegent enough to bring a rubber ducky so Lily chewed on that for most of her pictures. Zeke just got to sit staring at the photographer. After a while I handed him at least a stick to play with.

In her defense she did bring a bucket for the kids to sit in. I think that was her only prop and her only attempt at any sort of ingenuity or creativity. All the poses she suggested were basic Sears or Walmart poses. I expected a natural light photographer, IN A PARK, to, you know, take pictures of the kids playing. Or running. Or in different locations. That's exactly the reason why I dont take Zeke into Sears. Because my child is not just going to sit perfectly still and smile for you.

After the alloted 10 minutes each Holly and I payed our 10 dollar sitting fee and walked back to our cars having learned a lesson. You get what you pay for. That is why amazing photographers like Jaidean have 100 dollar sitting fees and cd prices that cost more than the Queen bed I want to buy. Because Jaidean makes you look like a Victoria Secret model...except prettier, your children look like the kind of little angels that slept thru the night from 6 weeks on and never ever barricade the front door with their body, and Brad Pitt a poor shade of your husband. And that is on a bad day when the kids are screaming the whole photoshoot and your husband refused to shave and insisted on wearing his favorite t shirt instead of the one you picked up specifically for this purpse from Gap. Incedently, you also were not able to shower that morning. Jaidean is worth hundreds of dollars because the woman is magical.

Nicki was worth 10. Because you could have also gone to Walmart.

Anyways, I got Wendys on the way home to make me feel better. I am an emotional eater, give me a break. And to help calm down after blogging (which riled me right back up) I am focusing on this picture, which I took last night.
I am also strongly considering repeating this scene. Except it will be me devouring the cupcake instead of Zeke.


Jen said...

Sounds like a long day. Hope the pictures turn out at least. I like the ones you guys took downtown though.

Jess to the Lo said...

I can't stand it when 'professionals' are NOT professionals. So sorry you had to deal with such a stressful morning! It sounds horrible to me.

I do LOVE that photo of Josh and the kitten though, brought a sweet smile to my face. I'm jealous of Zeke's cupcake too.

I hope you enjoyed your Wendy's, I'm an emotional eater too; I don't blame you for hitting them up on the way home.

ivymae said...

Ugh. That sounds horrible, and you are a better person than I am - I would have posted her name and website, to warn others who were googling. I give you 100,000 mama points for making it through that day. Did you get a frosty?

Holly said...

I hope she doesn't some how find this blog and read it. I thought about blogging about it but my guilty conscience would eat at me.

Kim said...

Good for you saying something...on your blog at least! You should link to her too! I'm so glad that we missed out! And pissed! I was up at 8am this morning even though Preston slept until after 9am. I showered and got ALL ready to's nice being stood up! What crap for what you actually got of the pictures! You should've gone to Sears, they don't even charge a sitting fee! That is why I have Jaidean do our pictures and why even after these pictures I was still going to have her do really do get what you pay for! We should do a portrait session with her instead! I'm glad you at least got Wendy's out of the deal!

PS. You're first in line for me out of you and Josh! :)

A-trox said...

So next time you want GOOD photos for a much better price of at cost to near free, call me and my mother (who IS a professional and who DOES give very special deals to very special friends of mine). This blog got me riled up too! She sound completely unprofessional and shouldn't have been paid a dime even just for mixing up the time and place. bah!