Failure Photoshoot

I dont think I ever blogged about the 1 year photo shoot I attempted with Zeke. Probably I skipped over it because it was a total failure. Not a single good picture in the bunch.

First Zeke would NOT stay still. He wanted to run run run all over the brick square we took him to downtown. After a while we gave up and thought maybe we would just let him chase Josh around since that's all he wanted to do. It might turn into a cute picture and we figured after some running he would get tired out and sit for a little while.

Well as you can see, it IS fairly cute, how can it not be? We are talking about my Zeke after all! But not portrait cute and not worth a half hour on photoshop making it better cute. But at least he got tired out and he would sit still. But then I realized that the sun was way too high and way too strong for good lighting.

This is the best one I got and as you can see the lighting is near unfixable. But at least he is kind of smiling. Because whatever faces Josh was making behind me at the block letters looks like they where more concerning then hilarious...

After a while Zeke just wanted to know what exactly we expected from him.

Oh well, you cant always win I suppose. Tomorrow we are going to a portrait party with some friends and hopefully a more professional photographer can get something out of my kid. Because I swear, he really is cute, and I would kind of like some proof for when he's say....14.

Then we will go home for a long nap because tomorrow night while I'm at yoga Zeke gets to go have pizza and beer with daddy and his friends (I'm actually hoping he just gets pizza...maybe I need to lay some ground rules before I drop Zeke off at Josh's work...)

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A-trox said...

quick tip on lighting. never shoot between 12pm and 4pm. During the summer months the best lighting is between 6pm and 8pm depending on how many trees are around. during fall and winter best light is between 3pm and 5:30pm (exception to the 4:oo rule) Also a slighty cloudy sky makes for better light than a clear sky. that is unless there is a lot of snow on the ground, then you have to be careful since the clouds will reflect the white way too bright ;)