he was the nazz

Josh bought me a kitty!

He was either A. more tired of me trying to force our wild outdoor cat into the house to become an indoor cat then I had realized. or B. more tired of my constant hints that I wanted a kitty then I realized. Or I suppose there is just always C. he loves me much more then I realize. Either way, I wasn't expecting it.

His name is Ziggy Stardust and he is adapting into the family quite well already. We were really careful to talk to the breeder for quite a while about the fact that we had a 1 year old son, and one that LOVED cats, as in loves to chase them and kiss them. She had 3 or 4 kittens available but she thought Ziggy would be the best match because he was very outgoing and loved to be around her kids. She warned us that he was "spunky" and liked to play and pounce but we really dont mind and so far he has been very good with his claws around Zeke.

Ezekiel is absolutely in love. He was kissing and hugging him like crazy as soon as they were introduced and even into the second day he will randomly yell out "kitty!" and go and hug him again. They play play play until poor Ziggy passes out on the rocking chair and I think even Josh is really starting to love him.

I will admit he was none too impressed when they BOTH decided that the sunrise meant they could get up and start playing. But after we got Zeke to understand that no, he wasn't going to be allowed to get up no matter how many times he cried "kitty" we got them both to cuddle in our bed until 9. It was so nice and made me think of 6 months or so from now when we will have yet another baby to cuddle with in our bed.. and then I wondered a little sadly how old our kids will be before they stop moving into our bed to cuddle in the mornings... and then I got to wondering if I could talk Josh into buying us a Queen sized bed for Christmas when we buy Zeke's big boy bed. Two adults, a toddler, a newborn, and a cat all together on a Full can get a little crowded I bet.

Anyways, here are some pictures!

This last one is so blurry but it really shows his pretty patterns and how teeny tiny he is with the book for comparison.


Jen said...

Kitty!!! Oh boy! Congrats. He's super cute!

Jennspiration said...

How cute! He looks very similar to Bella (our kitty)! I bet Zeke is so funny with the new kitty.