Genius, A Trip To the Lake, and The Absense of Stress

This is going to be 3 blog posts in 1. I am a big multi-tasker that way. (Actually I am vehemently against multi-tasking in any form. I've long felt that it doesnt save time or energy and often results in many jobs half done instead of one job well done. Even if you are just vegging in front of the TV, to then add some sort of chore (like thankyou note writing) ruins BOTH efforts. You are no longer relaxing and paying attention to your show NOR are you focusing on your letters. Multi-tasking, to me, represents everything that it wrong with our culture. But lets not turn this into 4 posts, ok?)

So onto subject A. I have realized that am surrounded by genius.

Not only has my son proven his obvious above-level intelligence by successfully building a 4 cup tower:
But my friend, Kim, is a genius by solving my cat-cant-jump-over-the-babygate-but-my-one-year-old-plays-in-the-litter-box dillema. You see, you lift the babygate up a few inches so the cat can go UNDER.

I will admit, Kim, that Zeke did NOT appreciate your help. He near panicked when he realized he couldnt follow the cat into the bathroom that afternoon.
Ziggy may not fully appreciate it either. I'm not sure how upset he was by his feces spread all over the floor and walls but his expression during all the cuddles Zeke forced upon him when he came out of the bathroom was one of VERY tried patience.

Even the CAT is a freaking genuis! Or maybe this is another one to give Ezekiel credit for but I caught them actually playing hide and seek.

Hide:And seek:Seriously. Ziggy would run and hide someplace (but never so fast that Zeke couldn't follow) and then Zeke would run to find him. As soon as he did, he would sqeal and Ziggy would pounce on Zeke, run around his body a few times, and then hide in a different room.

(Another aside: Josh actually finds fault with me calling Zeke genius. Even if it was true (which its not) intellegence is not really the kind of thing we want him to find self-identity and pride over. It's too easy. How smart you are has nothing to do with YOU. We would rather praise a good work ethic, or trying again even when you've failed, or kind acts. It IS rather a habit, however, to praise a child for being smart or pretty or strong, even though its meaningless. I mean, wouldnt you rather your child think "I am a hard worker who practices contantly" then "I am good a sports"?)

Subject 2: Zeke and Preston hit the road again.
See? Proof. Although this time we didnt go nearly as far as Seattle. Truthfully, we just went about a half hour away from our homes, to meet our freind Kaitie and her kids at Waterfront Park in Medical Lake (which is an awful name for a lake, it makes me imagine all these nasty needles and gloves floating in the water...) And we didnt stay 2 nights. We just went for the morning and were home for a late 2 o clock nap.

But we picknicked (Like right away, I've learned the rule of motherhood that any eatable brought to any given location must be consumed right away, no matter the time of arrival or how much was eaten at home mere seconds before getting in the car), we dug in the sand, we swam in the surprisingly comfortable water, we enjoyed the sun, we made our mom save us from drowning while she still had her wrap on, and we played nonsensical toddler games that involve touching toes and then laughing hysterically.

All in all a sucess.

Subject III. I realized recently that I am almost halfway done with this pregnancy and yet I am STILL sooo calm. During my last pregnancy I suffered from almost constant labor nightmares and lots of panic attacks (which I am prone to). This pregnancy I have been having almost as many dreams about being in labor but they are always so calm now, and this weekend I had my first panic attack in months (and justified).

So much of it is just the plain fact that in the last year I've cut away so much of the stress-inducing fluff of my life; no more insecurities about my body, beliefs, and mothering skills, no more dramatic mommy groups, no more unrealistic goals and expectations for my home and family. It helps.

And a lot more of it is the fact that I cut out another big stress inducer for pregnant women: The OB. It's amazing how much less you worry about your pregnancy when you arent trying to fit in impossible to schedule and constant appointments, and waiting forever in waiting rooms, just to have your weight, blood and urine contents, ultrasounds, glucose test results, blood pressure, and whatever else contantly monitered and obsessed over by a doctor who is himself obsessed with catching any tiny abnormality in case he's sued. It's true that even with my last pregnancy I was with a midwife. And I really liked her. But because she was affiliated with a hospital, she had to play the hospital games, and I felt like I was in a constant battle to skip the tests I DID skip, and constantly worried by the tests I "couldnt".

My midwife this pregnancy, exactly because she is NOT affiliated with a hospital, is free to do whatever she (and I) believe necessary, and ONLY that, which given our personalities equals to not much. Mostly at my appoinments we just talk. Also she comes to my house, which is awesome. And even comes after Josh gets off work (which is double awesome because its hard for Josh to get time off but he's also never missed any prenatal appointment (for either child) and really hopes to never have to).

I think also there is a real psychology to going to the doctor month after month (and when you get far enough week after week), undressing, and being examined that makes a woman FEEL like she is sick. You are certainly treated as if you are sick. And I just dont think that is a healthy outlook for a state of being that is perfectly healthy.

So all in all even though I battle UTI's and havent gained a single pound, not to mention have absolutely no clue on my real due date other than January (maybe February?), I am one stress free pregnant lady.

(Although I will admit my mind is a little here and there and everywhere, as evidenced by these (and even these, which I suspect arent actually legit))

PS, I had a dream LAST night that I wasn't pregnant at all and had to tell all our friends and family that I was mistaken these past 17 or so weeks. I was so unnerved this morning that I actually took a pregnancy test. Never mind that I've been morning sick off and on, that Im an emotional wreck, that I've heard the heartbeat, and that I even felt some small movements last Friday. I needed that little plus sign.

In my defense I had a test laying around.

PPS, how come Zeke is never fully dressed in any pictures?


Jen said...

Haha! I love reading your posts! The pictures of Zeke during the kitty challenge are so cute. Glad to hear you are feeling better this go around.

Rachel said...

Interesting imagery associated with Medical Lake there.
Perhaps not quite accurate, but the lake did earn its name through being medicinal. It is high in minerals (if I recall, specifically in Lithium) and was used as a remedy for some mental illnesses. It is, of course, no surprise to find a mental hospital right next to it.

... Of course, you may have already known that.

Zeke is cute as always. :-)

Jolene said...

I completely agree with your "another aside." Yey!

Christian Mommy Writer said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

The pics of the cat and your little boy are cute. As for your pregnancy and midwife - I'm glad you found a method that works well for you.

I like your blog and will be visiting again. :-)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Don't you just love summer!!! Glad to hear that the pregnancy is coming along nicely. It's great when the nine months flies by...

Stopping by from SITS to say Hi! Lots of cute pics of Zeke!

Trish the dish said...

Hi I'm from SITS, I just am commenting further down the page. YAY! I am so glad that they finally featured a blogger that I feel I can relate to! I am currently pregnant too and seeing a midwife. I'm looking into all the things that everyone else sees as "odd" (babywearing, cloth diapers, cosleeping, etc.). And I'm also a very spiritual person. So anyway I have been enjoying reading your posts! Thanks!

Michelle said...

So are you 17 ish weeks? You are unsure?

Yep, I totally agree with the doctor thing.

I went to the doctor a while back for migraines. he told me he doesnt like homebirths and he would feel better if I saw a doctor. They PREFER to have you in the hospital WITH an epidural in case of emergency. That is what he told me.

No thanks.

Stalker v1.5 said...

Muv kitty games and sandy toes!

Hannah said...

Your comment about, "not praising a child for being smart or pretty or strong," impressed me. And I admire your concern about the importance of the messages we give our children. Your son is lucky to have such caring parents. Submit cute or funny photos and tell friends to vote for them. No entry fee.