Here are a bunch of random pictures from the last week. Zeke hasn't been sleeping well at night, it's either a tummy flu, a head cold, OR teething. Don't you love that about teething? It can cause fever, a runny nose, a runny diaper, and irritability....just like every sickness known to man. Anyways, no sleep for Zeke means no sleep for me, which means I spend a lot of my day laying on the couch wishing I was dead, lol, and I've been feeling too sorry for myself to blog much.

Today he seems in a lot better mood though so I have hope for tonight. And even if tonight STILL sucks, Josh and I are going on a date Friday to see Harry Potter (sans Z, thanks Adria) so I will be feeling happy for myself tired or not.

Here is Zeke at Audobon park getting a ride from daddy. He loves being pulled around in his wagon and only daddy lets him ride THIS way so its even more special. I buckle him in so he cant stand up.
We picnic there a lot and surprisingly Zeke will almost always stop to eat, standing up of course but still he's eating.
This is the Audubon splash pad or at least the small corner Zeke likes to play at. It must have been a different day because Zeke is in another pair of swim trunks but that's not that surprising, we are at that park at least twice a week and often more.

This is the cat Zeke and I have taken in. She's looking a lot healthier already, although I think she's still a little bony. She is getting a lot less jumpy too and even will let Zeke pet her now. I'm kind of hoping she has kittens again sooner or later, lol, (she just lost a litter, which was part of why she was so sickly) that way I can have INDOOR cats. The chances of Josh buying us a kitten are rather slim so I think that's my only hope. He grumbles enough about poor kitty who doesnt even come inside the house.

Last but not least, here are some construction pictures from when we helped Brad and Kim set up Preston's birthday present.
Zeke has a screwdriver in one hand and a fork in the other...all the tools a man needs.
They were both very helpful. Zeke is ALWAYS copying Preston and as soon as P started hammering Zeke had to hammer too, with his bare hand.


Night Owl Mama said...

awwww sweet pic's too cute luv the sprinklers OH date night fun fun fun have a great time

want to laugh come on by

Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby said...

Very, very cute! Hope your little Blueberry is treating you kindly :)