belly laughs!

I HAVE to let everyone know that Ezekiel just laughed for the first time!!!! I mean, he has "laughed" before but this was the first good belly laugh. Before it was really just giggling. I was tickling him, which has only gotten smiles before when he suddenly cracked up!

I am really happy because only earlier today I was a little downhearted in yoga because everyone was talking about how much their babies babbled (even babies littler than Zeke) and Zeke really only coos. He doesn't have any consonants yet. Plus it was just mentioned to me that he doesn't "talk" or bat at things at all when he should be at this age. I guess my son is a bit of a brute, he just sits and frowns all day. I like to think that he's just concentrating :)

Also last night he rolled over from his back to his tummy. He actually did this earlier this week in the middle of the night in his crib, imagine my panic when I woke up and he was on his tummy exactly how he's NOT supposed to be!!! But last night he did it again right in front of Josh. I hope it doesn't become habit though, I'm freaking obsessed with SIDS and most cases are in the 3rd month.

I've gotten lazy about pictures. I only took like 8 or something all of his 2nd month and havent taken any this week since he turned 3 months!!! I need to get on that. But here is one that Kelly was nice enough to take. Its Zeke and his friend Jaeden checking each other out.

I will try to take more pictures next week. And I will also try to get Josh to help me catch Zeke laughing on video.


Kait Toompas said...

What is it with Daddy's getting all teh laughs and first smiles and DON"T GET ME STARTED ON the first word! Jerks - us moms slave all day with our kids and Daddy's always the favorite. Oh well he's my favorite too. Go Zeke:)
Oh I was going to tell you to relax about milestones. Molly slept for 20 hours a day until she was 5 months and was VERY behind on pretty much every milestone and she's caught up just fine!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!He is acting just like his dad and thinking everything through before doing something and messing up. All of the sudden you will realize he is talking in full sentences and running across the room to get his book for you to read. Miss you all like crazy, give Zeke a hug from Grandma Mel.
Love You all.

Anonymous said...

Oh Courtney,Zeke is getting so big! The frowning I think is just a faze. My Josh used to do that too. His grandma called him "old sober sides"! What a big boy to be rolling over onto his tummy. And it is so fun when they start the belly laughs. We cant wait to see you guys next month, it will be so fun to play with and hold Zeke! We love and miss you guys.
Grandpa Keith and Grandma Tammy