Im Flying High

Well by the time you read this (because I am pre-writing this post) Zeke and I will actually be in Idaho, or at least flying there. I am crossing my fingers that it goes off without a hitch. It's only an hour flight, but we all know that really means closer to 2 hours sitting on the plane more often then not, and we also all know what a pain a 9 month old can make himself in 2 hours if he so chooses...

Because, yep, today (I mean yesterday) Zeke hit 9 months! He is such a big boy, I have no idea how to express my amazement at how much he's changed! I am really trying to enjoy every moment but they go by so fast I tend to feel like I've just lost a month in all the hustle and bustle of life. And he's such a big helper too! To prove it, here are some pictures of Zeke in action today... I mean... yesterday. (Man, this pre-writing thing is confusing)

Here is Zeke helping me pack throwing everything I'd packed the night before all over his room.

And here is Zeke helping me sweep the kitchen making me wait to sweep the kitchen until he is done playing with the new "toy" I just got out.

Ok, ok, maybe he's not actually THAT helpful. But he IS cute.

An explaination: I really do put pants on my son. Everyday. I swear it. The thing is, Zeke HATES to wear pants....I mean...who doesnt? as Josh likes to point out. And Zeke is now smart enough to take off his pants. Therefor there are many pictures on this blog of a pants-less Z. Because sometimes a momma just has to pick her battles.

Anyways, wish me luck on this flight. And this trip in general now that you mention it, this is my first time traveling with the baby sans husband. Hopefully not my last, but we will see about that after I find out how hard this is! At least if its awful I'll have a great post to write, right? Gotta look on the bright side.

I don't know how much I'll be able to update, if at all, while I'm away but just so you don't think I've died, I will try to Tweet from my phone now and then. Be sure to watch for them on the left sidebar.


Trippleaaa said...

Good luck! I flew home from CA sans hubbie and that was 3 different flights to get home! It was an all day event. Not to mention we were at 2 HUGE airports, San Fransisco and Seattle. ICK! Good luck though!

Kim said...

Come back already! You've been gone for too long! I miss your blog. We should get together when you do arrive back in Spokane. I miss you!