A missing Whats for Dinner Wednesday

I have just had "one of those days". One of those days where my brain would just absolutely. not. work. And it was just 3 days ago that I was telling Josh I thought my baby-brain was diminishing and I felt more like my old self. Yeah, right. Evidence?

-I sounded like a Valley girl in at least 6 phone calls (Hi, is this....Sandra...I mean...Jennifer? This is Courtney Clark, I'm from....pause...Spokane Mothers?...you uh....applied for a membership?)

-I almost got in numerous car crashes (3 out of 4 of which would have been my fault)

- I remembered all anew why I don't believe in multi-tasking (many jobs poorly done or 1 job done really well, that is the question that I learned the answer to years ago, even without mommy brain!)

- I swept the floor right before feeding Zeke lunch (what was I thinking..oh yeah...I wasnt)

- And I locked myself out of the house while checking the mail for Austrailia from Netflix (good thing I never lock the back door....or any door....except the front one when I check mail I guess. oh yeah, and Australia wasnt there)

So, sorry, but no What's for Dinner Wednesday this week. Because guess what was for dinner?
Yes, that is Zeke yucking it up and eating fast food fries, the only food he eats willingly other than mushrooms right now. (Yes, mushrooms are his latest craze, much to his grandma melanie's chagrin I am sure) If only that woman at Huckleberries could see us now.

So go buy some fast food for dinner...or better yet order in. Because we all deserve a break now and then.

And instead of offering you a delicious and easy dinner recipe I will offer you 5 random thoughts and events from today instead.

1. I love those cell phone headsets. Because now when I talk to myself in the car, gestulating wildly, people dont think I'm crazy, just that Im talking on the phone. If only there was some explanation for singing the Bumblebee song over and over and over again, complete with hand motions....

2. Speaking of songs, I have the narwhal song stuck in my head. Stupid Brian for sending it to Josh, who then send it to me. It reminds me of high school...and the Badger song (which was by the same guy). If you knew me in highshool and therefor know the badger song...20 points to you.

3. Speaking of knowing me, my netflix queue knows me too well. My top genre's? Indie Romance, Romance Classics From the 1950's, Pre-20th Century Period Pieces, and Classic Movie Musicals (oh yeah and then Natasha Hendstridge but that is because of Josh and Species). I might be obsessed with Romance movies of all kind...

4. Speaking of obsessions, I have been drinking fruit smoothies literally everyday and more often twice a day for about a week now. I do this. Eat something obsessivly for a while and then never again for months. It has most recently been rice, and then oatmeal...now smoothies. I'm afraid I've passed this foodie stubbornness onto Zeke (see above and the mushrooms.)

5. And speaking of Zeke and I's stubbornness, Josh and I bought him a walker to push him along with the whole walking thing. He then commenced to push it all around the room, while crawling. Foiled again! This is going to be the sitting thing all over again, I can tell already.


Jennspiration said...

You're right, everyone deserves a break every once in a while! I wanted to ask you if you have a subscription to a magazine called "Kiwi", if not, I have a free subscription and I would like to see if I can transfer it to you.
It it is a magazine about "growing families the natural and organic way". Let me know!

Alexia said...

There is no shame in fast food - it's the #1 bribing tool around here! I can't believe he eats mushrooms!

Simply AnonyMom said...

Good morning! Stopping by from SITS. My son would only eat Carrots, sliced and canned, for almost 2 months. I wish I could get him to eat mushrooms. Maybe one day, sigh.

Jolene said...

I can't believe your baby eats mushrooms! That picture of him is adorable.

Kait T said...

If it makes you feel better my kids don't eat mushrooms at all! :)

MuseSwings said...

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by! I enjoyed my visit to the Coco Cafe! What a cute little guy you have!