Giveaway Winner!

Well I have finally drawn the lucky winner of my March Giveaway! Out of 120 entries picked ......drumroll please Zeke....number 34!!! Which just happened to be Lace from Keeping My Finger's Crossed! As soon as I go over to her blog and tell her, and then receive her shipping information, I will be mailing her THIS beautiful ring sling.

Didn't win or even worse never entered? Well don't lose hope on free babywearing just yet. Next month, from April 1st until the 10th you will have a chance to win a gorgeous pouch sling from DrewBabyDesigns. Here are Zeke and I trying it out!

I've never actually used a pouch sling before this one arrived in the mail. And let me tell you, I was glad that its that beautiful (but not very boyish) pale purple. Because I was VERY tempted to keep it!

I'll be giving a LOT more info on this wonderful pouch on the first of April when the giveaway begins. But I bet you are already looking forward to it as much as I am.

Looking forward to it too much and just want to go buy one? I certainly wont stop you and the prices at DrewBabyDesigns are really nice. 10 dollars for a pouch and $15 for a ring. She will even let you mail her your own fabric and size one to you!


lace said...

Just sent you my info. Yay! I know I said it in my email but Thank you. I'm so excited to have won.

The pouch sling for next month is a beautiful color.

Chelsea said...

how do we put in to try to win this?? I love it!!

coco-ono said...

Chelsea, you have to wait until April 1st to enter to win.