WFDW- stuffed pork chops!

Stuffed pork chops. Wonderful served with pasta, or rice, or a salade, really with anything.

First cut your chops 3/4 of the way down the middle. Put some cheese, and some mushrooms in there. I used Gruyere because I had it in the house left over but usually I use mozzarella.

You can also put some delicious spinach in there and then tie the chops closed with twine. I didn't have any twine, and know from Bridget Jone's Diary that you cant use just any string for food.

Once they are tied dredge them first in egg with parsley, salt, and pepper, and then roll them in some bread crumbs.

Then bake 40 minutes at 375. Because I had no twine I had to wrap mine in foil to keep them together. I wouldn't recommend this, it almost doubled the cooking time and then my bread topping came off with the foil. :( Make sure you have twine in the house.

This meal can also be frozen ahead of time and then thawed and baked. I did that when I was pregnant and makign some meals for after the baby.

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Alexia said...

That sounds really yummy!