We're baaaaaack!

Yep, its true. We are back. And I am even caught up on all of my unpacking, dishes, and laundry blogs, e-mails, and forums. Because, yes, I rushed in the door, gave my husband a quick kiss and immediately started doing chores surfing the internet.

Speaking of my husband, I remain unconvinced that he missed me while I was away. He SAYS that he missed me. But let's face it, the dude called me ONCE the entire week I was gone. And he got to play an awful lot of WOW (World of Warcraft, yes I'm married to a Wower) with his buddies. I have a sneaking suspicion that he really enjoyed himself while I was away. Oh well. I missed him a ridiculous amount, and I supposed that just means that I am the weaker link of this marriage.

At least Kaitie missed me. She even wrote me a ballad, lol. THANK THE LORD for girlfriends right? I know that I do.

The trip went really well, though. Zeke was awesome on the plane, not nearly as shy with the family as he usually is, and slept like a champ up until the very end. The last night, and the last day there, got rough. A. Ezekiel was homesick, tired, and FED UP. B. He developed two red inflamed bulges where his top teeth are going to poke thru any day now.

He was happy happy happy to be home, though. He got the biggest smile when he saw Daddy at the airport. And when we got home he veered even right past daddy to say hello to his train, lol. The excitement proved too much to last however and he soon ate, got a bath, and passed out cold.

I of course barely took pictures, because I NEVER think to take pictures. Oh well. Here's to staying home for a while. Until June, at least. When Zeke and I go to Seattle!


Kim said...

HEY, I missed you too! And yet I get completely unmentioned and left to feel forgotten! How hurtful! I'm good enough to go to Seattle with, and that's it? Jerk!

Michaela said...

Glad to hear your trip went well!
I feel your pain... my husband is an ex-WoWer so I know what it's like to play second fiddle to the game and... Noah is teething too his second tooth is maybe a day away from popping through.

Anonymous said...

She wrote you a ballad? That's the sweetest! Welcome home!

Kait T said...

YAY - SO glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

I totaly did miss you. I don't know why you don't belive me.
-Your loving husband

Grandma Jane said...

I missed your daily writings and was checking everyday to see if you and Zeke were home. Was happy you and Zeke got to fly to Boise and see your family there. Can't wait until we can see you, Josh and Zeke again.