I am blessed

I am blessed with not only 1, but 2 boys willing to help me catch up on laundry.

I am blessed with an amazing friend that is almost always up for going to lunch and never says anything about how naughty Zeke is behaving at said lunch...even when MY son spreads HER son's mac and cheese all over the table. (This isn't a pic from yesterday but hey, give me break, we look cute.)

I am blessed with this place, where I can always walk on a nice day....

...to get one of these, and I love Italian Soda's so much that I feel blessed just that they exist.

I am blessed with a God that brings Spring every year. And blessed with a tree in my backyard beginning to bud in proof that this year isn't any different.

I am blessed in so many ways every day. In small ways and in really really big ways. And I need to remember it more often.


Kim said...

Hey, that's me! I had SO much fun yesterday! I really needed to get out of the house. We should do lunch again soon, since our boys do such a good job of trying to one up each other in naughtiness. lol. I don't know what I'd do without you and I am so excited that Zeke is ready to unleash his naughty side with Preston in public! Sure helps take the pressure off. :)

Jen said...

Good blog. I needed that.

The Rambler said...

Lucky gal getting help with the laundry!! :)

Thanks so much for visiting me on my SITS day....making the rounds. Wish me luck.

xoxo-The Rambler @ My Rambling Thoughts.