The sun will come out tomorrow....

It even came out for a little bit today. For a little while almost every day for the past few days, actually. I have been LOVING it, and its made me appreciate the extreme walkability of my neighborhood all over again, a blessing that goes mostly unnoticed in the winter. I have a library, a park, coffee shops, restaurants, and grocery stores all within a very easy 3 mile radius of our house. Its one of my very favorite things about this place and one of my top concerns when we buy a home. I love walking, but find that walking with a purpose actually gets done, while walking for walking's sake gets put off over and over.

Todays sunnyness (although it WAS fridgid I have to admit) allowed Zeke to take his very first swing! I think he enoyed it, how about you?

Ezekiel been working on his utensil use lately too, mostly with daddy honestly because mommy doesn't have the patience for it. But here's a picture of Zeke eating shells with a baby fork. I stabbed them on and let him feed himself with it.

Zeke has also been very busy drumming lately. He's very musical, my son. Or at least very loud.

His favorite drum, however, is now the Wii drum set. That's the one that he see's mommy and daddy playing and he's always loved watching us play Rockband. Well now he's decided that HE wants to play the drums when we play rock band. I dont think I have to say how much this has lowered our score, lol. He always climbs up on the couch and starts banging right away. Oh well, we will just have to teach him to keep a beat, right?


Grandma Jane said...

Courtney, thanks for making my day with the precious pictures of Zeke. I know it could be mistaken for a prejudiced family member (am I really Zeke's GREAT Grandma?) to say this, but, Zeke is the one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. You were among that group of cutest babies too. I imagine Josh was pretty cute too.

Jen Lowry said...

Yes! I always knew that Zeke would grow up to be a RockBand Hero!