Zeke is suddenly very interested in toys. Not only in the old classic sense of loving to hold things and put them in his mouth, either. He is beginning to play for the first time. Right now his favorite game is knocking down towers. Josh and I build them out of stacking cups or the little blocks Kait gave him (thanks Kait!). But he has also shown interest in flipping the pages of his board books, and rolling cars back and forth. He LOVES cars and especially wheels. Its ridiculous. Cars and knocking things down...sounds like a boy to me, at least he's got an interest in books too.

With this new love of toys is also a startling new ability to make messes! My son, who cant crawl yet I might add, is still somehow able to make his way across the blanket to his toy basket, flip it over, and spread it everywhere in the time it takes me to go to the bathroom. Evidence: below.
Actually with a combination of rolling and "catterpillaring" as Josh and I have named it (he lifts his but waaay in the air and then stretches out) he can very slowly make his way towards whatever he wants. This was annoying at my mindful mothers meeting yesterday because what he wanted was a little girl's coloring book and NOTHING was distracting him. He is stubborn, my son.

We also bought him a very cool toy with some money that Josh's aunt Deb sent us, to encourage him to sit up more. It sort of works. He will sit maybe 10 minutes which is longer then he ever has allowed before. Zeke's refusal to sit drives me bonkers, in case you haven't noticed. I don't know why. I've accepted his constant "serious" or "concerned" or "concentrating" (depending on who you ask) face and the fact that he rarely smiles in front of anyone but Josh and I. I've accepted that other than the "dada" he gives us every few days he doesn't babble at all. My son is almost always silent unless annoyed and I haven't even jumped to a premature diagnosis of autism (even though its been suggested, ridiculous). I have shrugged my shoulders and said that he's slightly behind socially and probably just shy. Yet this not sitting this gets to me. Maybe because he's always been so ahead physically before? Who knows. But its become a fight and therefor we picked a toy that would necessitate sitting to play with.

Other than that no Ezekiel news really. I guess a slight cough but honestly Josh and I are wondering if he is faking it. It's really shallow, like he's clearing his throat and he seems to cough the most when he is bored and we are ignoring him... It might be imitation because he's heard other's coughing recently. Then again he might also have caught the cough. Who knows.


Kait Toompas said...

How have you liked going all week with no phone? Yesterday I was actually driving around looking for your house - because I forgot where you live and what your address is. Anyway you can ask Amber because I dropped something at her house right before heading out to your house. I even picked up my phone to call for directions but alas it rang in my purse and then I felt silly. :)

Kait Toompas said...

oh yeah, cute kid

Domrese Family Blog said...

Zeke is such a great kid! Joshua was the same way with sitting. He'd do it to humor us for a short period of time and then arch his back and be stiff as a board. We wondered if we'd have to send him to preschool with a helmet on, but he got over it. :) Zeke will too. He obviously likes to do things on his own schedule (ex. say "dada" but waiting on more). :) Gotta love a kid with a mind of his own!