I forgot

Sorry I never did post those pictures, I totally forgot about it. My brain is gone these last few days, it was taken over by extreme hormones at some point. It seems like all I've done is swing erratically from one side of the emotional spectrum to the other lately. Poor Josh.

Anyways news.... hmmm. Well I made a bunch of baby food. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. And Zeke LOVES sweet potatoes. And I mean LOVES. He gobbles up 4 ounces in about 2 seconds flat and would still probably eat more if I let him. And 4 ounces may not sound like a lot, but it is. At least I think it is, lol, I guess I have no idea what an almost 5 month old is supposed to eat in a sitting. How much are one of those little jars? Whatever. It's more than he's willing to eat of anything else, he tends to lose interest after a while and decides he'd rather nurse instead.

We also had Grandpa Keith and Grandma Tammy visit. That was a lot of fun. Also Zeke got a card and money in the mail so pretty soon we are going to go buy some new toys...I am more excited then he is I think but that's pretty much to be expected.

Zeke says dadadadadadada ALL day now. But of course only when its just the family. He wont do it in front of people.

That's pretty much it. Pictures!

Halloween! This was Zeke's "warm" pea-pod outfit. He also had a skeleton onesie. I have more pictures but for some reason blogger wont accept them.

Here is Zeke and his freind Jordyn. We watched her a couple days this week. Ezekiel really enjoyed the company. Maybe he wants a sister?

This isn't even posed. They really did stare at each other like that for about 15 minutes. They were cracking me up. Then of course they started grabbing each other's faces so I had to move them a bit farther apart.

Zeke's first baby Mohawk! I cant believe it took me this long! It's pretty adorable.

Just Zeke being his cute self for Tammy. I love his little mouth in the first one!


Jennspiration said...

I want more picures! I love the ones of him in the leaves!

Sheila Clark said...

Josh and Courtney,
Zeke is a little cutie! We are hoping to FINALLY meet him next week! Have a safe trip!
Love, Kevin, Sheila and girls
We created a blog too, but just learning how it all works. It is at: www.babyblogs.com/clarkbabies