Thoughts on a Thursday

I know, I know, I already posted today...just a few hours ago in fact. But its one of those days when 1. Zeke is playing nicely all by himself in the kitchen. 2. my house is messy and I dont want to clean it and 3. I have a million different thoughts running thru my head. Which equals blog in my world.

So what else am I thinking about today? I mean, besides my mission to eat healthier and my hatred for the margarine I buy every month?

I think Zeke is at the perfect age. If I could freeze him just the way he is now I would do it. Although I'm glad that I CANT freeze him, because I'm sure there will be lots of enjoyable stages, and I would never reach them if I froze him now. but I'm also sure that I will want to freeze him THEN too. Im logical that way :)

I just love all of his new games, playing with him is so much more fun these days. I love to play with his Little People Arc or his cars with him and Josh loves to play catch. And the way he laughs when he finds me while playing hide and seek is worth it every time. He LOVES to make us laugh too, so anytime we do he's bound to repeat that action over and over again.

He's also starting to pretend. His number 1 pretend game is cooking, in fact right now he has a spatula and a frying pan in the kitchen. And he absolutely LOVES it when I find things in the kitchen that he can help with, which is hard with a 10 month old but I try. I've been letting him stir lately and its been a big hit. But he will also pretend to type on the computer, or talk on the phone. He has started to insist on doing things like Josh and I do too. He will only let us brush his teeth with a real toothbrush now and he will only eat with a real fork.
Enjoyment of this developmental stage may have its bad effects, however. When I got home from knitting last night he woke up and instead of nursing him and putting him back into his crib like I should have done, I brought him into our room and let him stay up for an hour softly babbling between us while Josh and I talked in bed instead. I couldnt help it. He was just so adorable babbling like that in a soft little baby voice, snuggled against me, and smiling every once in a while, his eyes closed the whole time of course because he was so tired.

I find myself having a harder and harder time balancing the fact that he's only little for so long with the fact that I dont want to "spoil" him and I rarely know which side of right I am on, or even if there IS a right. I believe and subscribe to the theory that if you give a baby and toddler all the attention they desire during those first years that they will end up requirng LESS of your constant attention in the end, growing independant because they are able to trust that you will always be there. A need fulfilled basically instead of a need ignored.

But at the same time the attention they desire those first few years is almost constant. And it gets tiring a lot of days. And since the payoff is literally years in the future I dont get to know if its working. Maybe fulfilling his needs for attention is really just going to make him always demand attention 24/7 forever...who really knows. As with all things parenting you can just choose the way you think is right and hope your kids get a good enough job to afford the therapy you are causing them to need.
Im also feeling restless the past few days. I get this way every 6 or so months and depending on the strength of the malady find myself either getting a new tattoo, a new peircing, drastically changing my hair, or if I'm having rather weaker symptoms I can just make some sort of ecclectic fashion statement and be done with it.

I dont know where I get this. If its caused by my sex or my generation or my age or maybe the way I was raised (see above and the therapy). But I am totally considering a lip ring. I havent had any peircings for almost 5 years now...
What a strange place to end.


Anonymous said...

lip ring hahahaha NICE! I think we are more alike than either of us realize.... Thats why Jen and I are doing phase 1 of 2 next weekish and why I've decided I NEED to have my rock band hair. And its also why i pierced my lip a while back and also why I miss it so much. Of course I am going to tell you to totally DO IT!

Sheena said...

How I miss my lip ring! I so desire to get it re-pierced!
DO IT!!!

g-pa Bill said...

Courtney, your comment about doing your best as a parent and then hoping they make enough to pay for the therapy you are causing them to need.

That is the most classic quote I have ever heard.

You have a rare talent and insight.