Something Worth Doing

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Speaking of giveaways I'm trying to win a blog make-over here. It's not that my blog looks bad per se, I actually like the look of my blog. But it could certainly look better. I especially want little sidebar buttons. But alas this is about the height of my creative and technical abilities right here. Hence the trying to win a make-over. Anyone want to make me rad little sidebar buttons? Or maybe redesign me ENTIRE blog? Lol. I'd give you lots of props...and maybe cookies... that I am done begging, I can actually get on to my subject. Which is: One thing I have learned/am learning is that my old motto of "Something worth doing is worth doing right" can really only be taken so far.

But this actually requires a back story. You see, I am a clean freak. Not only that but I am a clean freak with slight (and sometimes seemingly not so slight) O.C.D.

Truths about me:
-I cannot sleep if there are dishes in the sink. Let's be honestly, pretty much I cannot function at all if there are dishes in the sink. I always do them right after each meal.
-I sweep my kitchen floor at LEAST 3 times a day, usually more (as in every time Ezekiel eats in his high chair).
-I always make my bed in the morning, usually directly upon waking up.
-Once a week I clean the entire house, we are talking "company" "spotless" clean.
-Once a week I also sanitize ALL of Zeke's toys, switch out livingroom books with his bedroom bookcase and reorganize his toy shelves and baskets.

And that good old motto, "Something worth doing is worth doing right" always seemed to justify my actions. I don't just wipe off my counters after cooking, I have to move everything and clean the entire counter surface, along with the sink (drying it, of course, I cant stand water splashes on the stainless steel), and all the buttons and knobs on the oven. I don't just iron Josh's button-up shirts and our wrinkle-prone khakis on laundry day but I iron our jeans, my cotton t-shirts, and pretty much everything but our underwear.

But since having Zeke, and honestly even since marrying Josh (who supports corner cutting in all things), I find my standards relaxing. Because while something can and usually is worth doing right, it's not always worth the time it takes away from your loved ones. And while a clean home can SOMETIMES be a fun home, a fun home cant ALWAYS be clean.

So nowadays I've been known to sometimes skip making my bed and just avoid that room all day (so I don't see it). Or leave the dishes piled next to the sink to be dealt with in the morning so Josh and I can have an uninterrupted and relaxing hour before bed. I've even skipped ironing all together (gasp!) and just made sure to shake everything out and hang it DIRECTLY out of the dryer.

I still have to do my "company" clean once a week though. I cant let dust catch up on you.


Kim said...

I just entered the giveaway too! I hope one of us wins! I cannot believe that you sweep your floors three times a day! That is crazy talk. Remind me not to invite you over unless my house is spotless! Okay that's not going to work because you'd never come over...we can still be friends even though I'm kind of a messy person, right?!

Trippleaaa said...

That was the kind of house I grew up in. However, I have this thought that I did my fair share of cleaning growing up and now I don't do so much. My house is a little messy, certainly not gross or anything. Messy though... I tend to let the toys (and other things Aidan plays with) get out of hand on my floor! Props to you for loosening up a little!

Tara said...

Thanks for sharing the love about my giveaway! You're awesome!!

And we have LOTS in common...dishes, floors....have to be done all the time!! i feel so much better and I can function! ♥

Domrese Family Blog said...

We have a theory that your kids will remember the time you spent with them, not the spotless house. I think it's great that you can relax a little bit and focus on this once in a lifetime moment that Zeke is sharing with you.

Lucy S. said...

Just curious how you "sanitize" Zeke's toys once a week. I am a clean freak also and am always interested in how everyone else does it. Every toy is always in my son's mouth so I am cautious about what I clean his "stuff" with.

coco-ono said...

I do the grande majority of my cleaning with vinegar and baking soda...but I will also send plastic toys thru the dishwasher.