Inspection and other details

On the Zeke front- His bad cold left a gift when it left ear infection (that I was actually unaware that breastfed children could even CATCH, let alone breastfed children already ON antibiotics for the kidneys) that reared its ugly head after only 2 days of apparent getting-better. But in lighter news he is also starting to walk, 3-6 steps at a time before falling down, but still, that's walking.

On the house front- The inspection was this morning and it went well. There was quite a list of little things that need to be fixed, either by the seller or by us as time goes, but nothing that you don't expect from a 60+ year old home and nothing to make us change our mind.

So we are chugging right along on that. IM mostly focused on painting. You see, this ugly peachy pink color has GOT to go:
Fortunately (because it would take 102 coats to cover and includes, God forbid, the CEILING) that dark red over by the staircase can stay. In fact, I I'm going to try to match that same color in the kitchen killing numerous birds with one stone. 1. The kitchen is also currently an unholy peachy pink. 2. that red while absolutely gorgeous doesnt have anything else in the house to ground it and make it fit in (the drapes dont quite cut it and are being removed anyways) and 3. All my kitchen stuff is red anyways.

But UNFORTUNATELY my husband has decided to be exeedingly witty about my color choices for the livingroom. I like yellow. I've ALWAYS liked yellow. I've ALWAYS planned on painting my livingroom yellow, since I was about 5 and started thinking about paint colors (yes, I started thinking about paint colors at about 5).

I've sent him a TON of pictures:
His opinions so far? "This color gives me a headache", "That color makes me feel like I'm waiting for something", "You are just trying to give me cancer of the eye, arent you?", "Wait, did you actualy want me to like that one?"and my favorite "That looks like zeke painted the wall with his poo."

Oh brother.

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Jennspiration said...

I am so excited for you! I can't wait to see all of the fun things you do to it!