WFDW- Fried Rice

We eat a lot of really americanized oriental food around here. What can I say? Josh loves Chinese food but I tend to hate it at restaurants (hating anything deep fried). So I learned to cook his favorites. One of which is Pork Fried Rice.

For my pork part of the deal I use bacon. Traditional it is not. But greasy, delicious, and usually available in the house it most definitely is. Actually I am fairly anti-bacon, we rarely have it in the house. But when we DO Josh does a dance.

As your bacon cooks, get some carrots and peas ready. You can use fresh or frozen, or as I did this time, a mixture of each. I had fresh carrots and frozen peas.

When the bacon is done chop it up (I realize all of a sudden it may be smarter to cut the bacon up FIRST...) then IN YOUR DELICIOUS GREASE saute the bacon, your veggies, some garlic, some left over white rice (cold left over rice is WAY better than fresh), and plenty of soy sauce.

When the veggies are cooked and everything is warm push it all to the sides of the pan and scramble a couple eggs in the center. If your pan's not big enough just use another to scramble your eggs but you will probably be fine. Its ok if rice gets mixed in with the egg in the process because its all going to be mixed in the end anyways.

This can be served with anything. But I'll recommend chicken, because I always do.


Alexia said...

I adore fried rice! I've never attempted it with bacon though - I'm going to try it!

Nicole said...

YUM! I made fried rice after reading this.

Another variation is cutting the chicken up & adding it to the fried rice after the bacon is cooked too...we like ours with broccoli & mushrooms too (instead of husband had a bad experience with peas & refuses to eat them :sigh: ).

Anyways - thanks! YUM!