Swine Flu

Ok lets all start by taking a breath. Talking to Kaitie and Sheena this morning I didnt understand exactly how much the world is FREAKING OUT. Watching the news I learn. Its the flu people. Only a flu. Ok, yeah its a bad one but in the end its just a flu. Wash your hands, be healthy, maybe stay away from mexico but calm the heck down!!

In most cases, the strain responsible for the swine flu outbreak causes only mild symptoms.

Only 40 US cases have been reported. No deaths. Even in Mexico mortality for this strain of the flu is only at 6% (and they are of course only counting those cases that go to the doctor with it, and I highly doubt every mexican with a runny nose is running in to see a doctor, a lot of studies think its more like .1 percent morality and there are thousands if not hundreds of thousands of cases that arent being reported) Mexico's numbers aside it seems to be the only country at all with any real mortality rate. Whether this is because there are actually 2 different strains, because of health standards and practices in Mexico or any other number of reasons is unclear but they DO know it seems to be much worse over there.

The flu outbreak was NOT this weekend. The first case was reported over a month ago. So we are talking 100 odd deaths in mexico THE LAST MONTH not over the last weekend. BTW its really only 23 confirmed flu deaths, the other ones they are guessing about.

Speaking of Mexico, this state of emergency thing is WAY more about the Calderón administration grabbing some useful power to do whatever the hell they want then an actual pandemic. Calderón has authorized his health secretary to inspect and seize any person or possessions, set up check points, enter any building or house, ignore procurement rules, break up public gatherings, and close down entertainment venues. The decree states that this situation will continue "for as long as the emergency lasts. " Same goes for Russia, who have been looking for an excuse to stop allowing imports for a long time and found this WAY too convenient.

Because you cant get swine flu from eating pork thats been cooked properly so stop throwing away all your bacon.

Getting or having a flu shot does NOT protect you. Seriously do you people even know how flu shots work? They protect you from 3 very specific strains of flu that the CDC guesses will be popluar that year. If they guess wrong, you get the flu that isnt popular, or a new one shows up you are out of luck. They cant protect you from all the different flu strains. That would be a monster shot, use up a LOT of embyros, and take a LOT of money and work, not to mention it would be dangerous as hell.

And sorry but those masks dont work either. I know the Japanese love to wear them around everywhere but they dont do any good. The virus is small enough to pass right thru, in fact 99% of viruses are. To efficiently protect yourself you would need to wear a full-faced mask with a high-efficiency particle air filter.

The WHO may be calling this a level 4 outbreak (out of 6) but according to their own descrption of each level its really only meriting a level 1 ( affecting less than .1 percent of the population). Repeatsies on my above comments on political power.

So lets just all take a deep big breath.


Molly said...

Thank you! I am a nurse who understands flu, but also scares easily. Hehe. If the people "in charge" wouldn't be so worked up, I might not have had a mild panic attack. It is nice to see the facts that make me say "wow, I am silly." :)

CVSer said...

Haha. I just told my mom the same thing! I was like "what is the big deal...it's the flu." People are responding to the meds, so I don't understand what all the hype is about. The death cases all happened in Mexico & all the US cases have reported no deaths. Like my mother says "Build a bridge and get over it!"

Jess to the Lo said...

Well said!

Alexia said...

I *just* hears this weekend about the swine flue...on the BBC of all places LOL I didn't get worked up at all. Flu is flu is flu. And it didn't sound like it warranted an all-out shut-down of the world, but whatever. Just remind me now to go to Mexico or Russia anytime soon...I doubt I'd enjoy being detained...

Bill said...

The typical flu kills, on average, about 30,000 people in the US every year. That's an average of 2500 a month or 83 people EVERY DAY IN THE USA.
Just a little note for perspective.