The weather was finally nice enough to take Zeke out to the park to try to get some 9 month pictures done. Just in time too because by next weekend he will be 10 months! I have to admit that I'm slightly disappointed by how few really good ones we got :( But that's how it goes I guess. I will either call what we have good enough or I might try again at another location, it depends how my week goes. Here are a few of my favorites from today, though:Zeke is pretty cute, after all. Its a little hard to take a BAD picture of him.

I'm LOVING this warmer weather this weekend too. I've got every window in the house open, finally letting it air out after a long long loooong winter. It feels so nice to have fresh air in the house!

PS Zeke took his fist step last night!!! It was just one step before he fell down but we're going to have a walker any day now!!


Anonymous said...

He's gonna keep you busy this summer! He'll be running before you know it! Zeke is precious!

Tiffany said...

I love them, I think they came out very cute! He's gotten so big since I last saw him!

Kait T said...

Those are just the cutest pictures ever! I think they turned out really well!

Sheila Clark said...

Very Cute! What a big boy!

Maja said...

Precious pictures! Wow! His first step---now you will really be running :0)

BlogBaby said...

Zeke is very cute indeed!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. If you want some technical advice as per your comment, I would suggest you work on photo composition and angles. It's hard to tell from just these three pictures but it looks like you squatted down in one spot and then didn't move. You might like your results better if you consider moving around your subject to add more "wow" to your images.

We professional photographers create images, we don't just point and shoot and there are so many subtle things that are difficult to teach without working with someone one-on-one. But if you're serious about learning then you'll do the boring stuff like getting to know your camera like the back of your hand on your own.

For me, I hope I am able to inspire folks to keep trying, there really is no better way to learn.

Take heart, at least you have an adorable little one to practice on. Good luck!