Still snowing

if you can believe it, is what my front yard STILL looks like. In APRIL. I have been buying groceries at every Cadberry Egg run buying Cadberry Eggs at every grocery run for weeks. It's spring!
(come on, you know you do it too...)

I even found artichokes that didn't look dead. I HAS to be spring! Someone, please, inform the weather.

After all, I dont think Ezekiel can take anymore of this...
(Ok, ok, this isnt Zeke's reaction to another 2 inches of snow this morning. I think this is his reaction to being told "no, he couldnt eat tape." if I'm remembering right...the tantrums tend to all run together... But I thought about doing the same thing when I looked out the window.)

Anyways, we subsequently had a stay-at-home day today. A fall-asleep-in-your-highchair-eating-avacado-and-mozzerella kind of day.

But the good news is I spent the time FINALLY finishing Molly's doll.
Because yes, this rather ugly little Amigurumi doll took me about 3 months to finish.

My excuses run thus:
I didnt have a pattern so I was making it up as I went along.
I dont have a lot of time for my crafts these days, you know, having a son and a blog.
I'm burnt out on crocheting anyways after the beginning of the winter and all the stuff I made for Christmas gifts and Zeke's winter gear.
And the hair took me at LEAST a month of that time. Sewing doll hair is tedious and time consuming work.

Zeke's doll...
which is a rather perfected version of Molly's that I am about half finished with (although I realized too late that I should have made Molly's the perfected version of Zeke's since Z probably wont care if its ugly and M will) is definitely wearing a hat.

PS when I finish my doll pattern (because I'm still a little lost on the legs) I will be sure to offer it up to anyone that crochets.


Kait T said...

lol - Molly will not care. Not at least until she is much older and will look back on pictures and wonder why we let her carry around such ratty blankets and funny looking dolls (you've seen the Raggedy Anne doll I made for her!)

Alexia said...

I remember last year, Noah did his easter egg hunt in snow - I'm hoping to NOT repeat that!

The doll doesn't look so bad, sure the body and legs will probably look better on Zeke's, but heck that's about 500 times better that what I would crochet if I tried LOL

Anonymous said...

i like Z's doll. I think one eyed and legless IS perfect lol


Grandma--Jane said...

The picture of Zeke asleep in his high chair is so precious you must enter it in a baby picture contest. The doll is quite a project, I think she's cute because she is so unique. I laughed at the picture of Zeke's doll. Thanks, I needed a good chuckle.