We havent been hiding...

We haven't been hiding I swear...at least I haven't been hiding that is. It has just seemed like we're a little MIA because first Zeke and then I came down with a pretty bad cold. What a winter! I feel like I've been sick 100 times at least! Come on spring! We are tired of this snow!

Yes, it had been snowing again.

So what with the weather and the sickness we've been pretty boring around here in the Clark home. Nothing going on to excite or impress at least.

And I've bee asked a few questions about the house buying process, and how its been going over the last couple weeks, and I haven't really said much because well...there hasn't really been much to say. Its been a waiting game on my part while Josh prayed, and asked advice, and took stock of our income and savings, and considered our current and future expenses, and looked at the house I liked, and looked at a few other houses in the same price range, and looked at the house I liked again, and counted our money again, and prayed some more and thought some more and generally was Josh-about-to-make-a-decision while I was Courtney-trying-not-to-commit-murder (although I will attest and I am sure Josh would agree I have been handling it REALLY well and have nagged very little).

And today finally...FINALLY Josh has agreed to make an offer on the house I like. So I asked if I could e-mail our realtor right away and he agreed to THAT too!! So I did. And as soon as I can get Marissa pegged down (which is WAY easier then getting Josh pegged down) we are going to make the offer. I am very excited. And although I know there is a LOT ahead of us, the offer being accepted, the inspection, ect, and that there is a LOT left to go wrong I really feel like I'm already over the hump of it. Just getting my husband on board and agreed is a HUGE step, and you know it is if you know Josh. He HATES decisions.

So heres for not having to start this all over again!


Jennifer said...

Popping in from SITS!

Hope your feeling better! This has been a really bad cold season for sure.
Best of luck on the purchase of a new home!

Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

Good luck with the offer, Courtney!

Jen said...

Lame. Sorry your sick... that might have been from me. :(