I am having an awful day.

Actually it started off well. Zeke had so much fun at the park, he enjoyed the slides for the first time and was soo brave, even climbing all the way to the top and going down the big curly slide.

But then I got bad news about our house loan...and then I developed a horrible headache...and then Zeke refused to take a nap.

And now its a really bad day, and I still have 2 hours until Josh gets home from work.

But this post wasnt actually just to complain. It was also to say that I know its the 1st and time for my Zeke's Favorite Things Giveaway, and I DO have it all planned out. Just not typed out. It'll be up by midnight, I swear.


Suzi said...

Cheer up! Zeke should sleep well tonight. Stopping in from SITS.

Bullfrogs & Butterflies Baby said...

Wishing you a brighter tomorrow!

Kait T said...

God's timing has a way of evening everything out - you know, just the way it's supposed to. love you!