Packing and more packing

The latest report is that we are getting the keys on Friday. I'm not holding my breath but I'm hoping it works out this time. Our NEW plan is to spend Saturday and Sunday painting as much as we can get done and then move on Monday whether we are finished painting or not.

We are officially packing fools.

And Zeke isnt as helpful with the whole packing process as you'd imagine...or maybe he IS as helpful as you'd imagine... I suppose it depends in your imagination doesnt it?

Mostly he enjoys taking things out of boxes.

Oh well, he'll be REALLY helpful next week.

In OTHER baby news (by the way, I need to think of something to call the new baby until its born and we choose a name...we cant have another Cashew) I've been eating pretty much nothing but hot wings and egg salad sandwiches for days. When I was pregnant with the big Z all I ate for pretty much the first 3 or 4 months was plain spaghetti noodles and string cheese, but that wasn't really because of any cravings, those were just the only things I could keep down. This time around nauseous or not, all I want to eat are really flavorful foods. Hence the hot wings and egg salad (which I always make with copious amounts of brown mustard and fresh dill)... I even had a pretty strong urge the other night to dip my hot wings in ice cream. Chocolate ice cream to be exact.

I will admit that even with Z towards the end I was dousing everything with tabasco sauce but I still say I never had any cravings. Its kind of fun.


Anonymous said...

The Brewer Diet would be happy with your egg consumption!
I always had trouble getting enough eggs......

I never had any cravings with Kalli either, I can only imagine what it must be like to want to combine a hot wing and chocolate ice cream!

Alexia said...

Blah, packing. We're doing that over here too. Here's to hoping both of us can get our boxes sealed before the little ones pull everything back out!

Kait T said...

I actually have enjoyed the cravings too... except I never crave anything we actually have. lol

Ashley said...

He may not be much of a help for packing but he looks like he'll big a big help for unpacking. Haha!

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