Yep, we've been busy around here painting. We got the keys Friday evening so we spent that day prepping the house to be painted, then on Saturday did the kitchen, and Sunday the living room. Now I'm just waiting in the new house for Josh and his buddies to fill the U-haul we rented with all of our stuff and bring it over so I can start unpacking. I am soo glad to be almost finished with this process. Unpacking is always the fun part, I cant wait to see where I end up putting all of our stuff, making this house truly our own. You know, MORE our own then painting it bright yellow did.

I was afraid that I would miss the south hill, moving north and all. I got so attatched to it during the 3 years Josh and I lived there. But so far I really love our new neighborhood. I've met the neighbors on either side of us and one that lives across the street already (all 3 have children in the house! although on the right its an almost teenage boy that probably wouldnt love being referred to as a child) and everyone has been so kind and welcoming.

Anyways, here are some painting pictures from the weekend. As I finish rooms I'll be sure to add pictures of the finished products as well.

Ahh edging, the 10 percent of the job that takes 90 percent of your time.

I would get nauseous from time to time and Josh would have to take over for a while.
During Zeke's nap we got to paint AT THE SAME TIME! Look how close we are to being finished!

Zeke had a roller too. I dont think he minded too much that his didnt have any paint, although if we didnt watch him he would try to dip it in.
I let Josh do the fun roller part in the livingroom after I realized he hadnt done any of it in the kitchen. Arent I nice?


Molly said...

Love your color choices! It looks great.

Kim said...

I cannot wait to see it all when you're done! Ummm I'm wondering how you took that picture of both you and Josh painting? Was it staged?! lol.

coco-ono said...

sheena took the picture, she was nice enough to come and help us paint saturday morning.

Jennspiration said...

It's looking great! Can't wait to see it when it's all finished...and maybe get to see it in person some day!

Grandma Jane said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON OWNING YOUR FIRST HOME, WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I've decided you've learned all your great painting skills from me, little boasting there! Love your colors, I never knew how many areas you are so good in, must be from me again, hee, hee. I can hear your Dad laughing his head off as I write this. Great job Josh. Can't wait to come up and see your very own home in person, yippee!