WFDW- Spinach Lasagna

Lasagna is a dish-heavy meal. It dirties a LOT of dishes. But it's also worth it. So delicious and also so easy to freeze and bake later. When I can I try to double my recipe and make two batches, just for that reason.

The first thing you need to do is prepare your layers. The first of which is your sauce. Saute some garlic and onion then mix in tomato (canned or fresh), basil, and parsley. For an even faster fix use leftover or canned speghetti sauce.

Your next layer is the spinach. Spinach cooks down a bit so you want to cut more then it really looks like you will need. And if you want dinner to be a little less vegetarian then you can substitute this layer for ground beef browned.

After that is the noodles, so you will want to throw those in a pot to boil.

Last is the cheese. So mix ricotta, parmesan and mozzerella in a bowl along with a little bit of oregano and 1 egg.

When your layers are all ready layer them. 1/2 of your sauce, 1/2 of you spinach, 1/2 your noodles, then 1/2 of your cheese. Repeat. Its better actually if you do 3 layers but I don't have any pans deep enough, lol.

Bake it for 20 minutes at 375 degrees and serve with yummy french bread and green beans!


Night Owl Mama said...

O my GOsh that looks so yummy. I'll have to try. We usually go Italian but spinach is good

Kelly said...

I tried to make a spinach and chicken lasagne this week but it didn't quite turn out as good as yours looks. I'll try your recipe next time.