ups and downs

So some of you know the details on Josh and I's current home loan fiasco, but most of you don't. And since it's something that I foresee no pleasure from blogging about I think I will break bloggy code and just abstain. I trusted someone I probably shouldn't have, and I got burned, story closed.

My husband, who is very willing to don the necessary cape and spandex in situations like these is still very hopeful that he can save the day and close the house deal on the 15th like planned. I'm not actually sure what kind of magic he thinks he is going to perform, since as far as I understand that would require both TIME and MONEY that don't exist and I also wonder how much he means it, since I see him backpedaling on things like ending the lease at our current place or buying paint for the new one... But, well, if Josh says he can fix it, he can fix it. Our best hope right now is that moving this problem to a "disputed" status will allow our loan to push through and we can go to court and deal with this whole mess after we move.

Josh also was kind enough to let me go out Saturday night with some girlfriends and blow off steam while also drinking more then I have since...well since my bachelorette party I'd guess. I'm not a big drinker, you see. But I also have the constitution of my chinese zodiac sign (I'm an Ox) so after I took a cab home and got some sleep I woke up thirsty but feeling really good and we had a nice Sunday which included a trip to the park.

Good weekend.

And even Friday wasn't ALL bad. There was our trip to the park, after all. And when I got home I even had some pictures in my inbox from Kim!

That's Kim's son Preston with Zeke in this last one...he doesn't look so sure about the hand holding but they're gonna be good buddies, we know it!


Kim said...

You really didn't feel sick on Sunday?! I hate you! I thought I was fact I was wishing that I would just die. Lucky you! I'm glad that you had fun! And that I wasn't the only one who drank more than they had in a LONG while!

And they will totally be good buddies! Preston has so many more naughty things to teach Zeke! lol.

Ami said...

Sorry about the frustration with the home loan. It was relatively 'easy' for us and still incredibly stressful. Hope Josh is able to work things out.