Pool Fun

Zeke is lucky enough to have a friend and sometimes-partner-in-crime named Preston who has pretty much what amounts to a blow-up water park in his backyard. And I'm lucky enough to have a friend and sometimes partner in crime in Preston's mommy, but that is another story.

This story is of our excellent Friday, spent at least in part in said blowup water park.

Zeke all ready for a day out in the sun.Testing the water.
Checking to make sure its ok.
And we're off! (Zeke always holds his arms like that while he walks)
He even got his favorite snack, Strawberries! Not that he would leave the pool to get them, oh no, he just cried from the water until mommy handed him one.
Zeke had so much fun. In fact, once the mommies decided we had been outside long enough and moved the playdate indoors Zeke just cried at the sliding glass door to go back out!

And then on Saturday Grandma Tammy came to visit and gave Zeke his very own pool for his birthday! So pictures of Zeke playing with that coming soon. Although if you just want to see him crying at a sliding glass door I've already got you covered...we already do THAT every day at home.


Kim said...

Ha! We loved having you guys! I'm so excited that summer is here and we can start playing in the outdoor toys! Sounds like Zeke is on his way to collecting his own little waterpark this summer! :)

Jennspiration said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the picture with the Strawberry! Definately post pics of him in his new pool!